Trees and shrubs are the most admired themes in a landscape art painting. They are usually painted either in detailed manner or out of focus and do not have any prominent shape. That is the best thing about them.  However, these shapes are formed pretty much in a free-hand style. Since the time immemorial, painters have been attractive towards beauty of different types of trees and shrubs.
While painting a shrubbery tree, the artists use at least two or three different colors:

The first color is the backdrop color. 
The second and third color is the highlight colors. 

Well, how these colors being used vary from artist to artist (depending on their individual tastes and preferences). Hence, while going through the different types of landscape art paintings you should try to keep these things mind. As the color is main aspect of any painting. 

Some artists use a wet canvas (particularly the one with wet primer added on it before painting) so that paints are not as creamy usually most of them are. The main reason behind this is that they get ample time to let the second colors to settle down on to the first simply by thinning out the blend.  It is all about how artistically the artist is able to play with different colors. 

For instance, you will find this in the paintings that painter would using different types of dark color to create the background of the painting, such as Prussian blue and Thalo green or shades of black and brown as well. They always ensure that this color is bit darker than the highlighting colors. 

Undoubtedly, landscape paintings are something that anyone would want to treasure. There are numerous of landscape art gallery that is exhibiting different types of landscape paintings created by eminent artists. 

Ultimately, would conclude by saying that festoon your personal or office spaces with magnificent landscape art paintings and feel more near to nature. If you are thinking of buy or sell art, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of expert will help you to choose the right piece that you are looking for.