“A Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.”

The aforementioned quote was said by Maurice De Vlaminck and is indeed apt not just in regards of landscape art but every other art genre as well. Though unlike abstract art, simple landscape paintings are quite decipherable but the sort of satiation that individuals get from a particular painting is quite different. Such paintings are adored especially by those who are nature lovers at heart but find themselves entangled in the metropolitan life where seeing a place full of greenery is a rare sight. They buy landscape paintings to combat their strong urge to stay connected to nature in place of the real nature as the same is hard to nourish and sustain in the cluttered and polluted spaces of the metro cities. The plants need special care and love while they are growing and maintaining them becomes difficult for nature lovers who are staying away from their houses in a PG or apartment due to their jobs.

Nevertheless, these are precisely the reasons why landscape art is considered as the perfect solution for filling the dearth of nature in their lives. In fact, nature and art lovers don’t just get a natural yet artistic view of their houses but also save themselves from the added encumber to look after the real plants. Yes, they cannot help in diminishing the pollution like plants but can surely add to the ambiance of your spaces with their immense beauty.

Though there are many idiosyncratic and magnificent landscape paintings, it is better to buy the ones that you like more. We say so, as there are landscape paintings that have plants and trees or just rivers, mountains or a street. Let’s explore all of them here.

Peaceful living -

Raja A who has made this painting has made a series of more of such paintings that were inspired by the sceneries of rural areas. If you miss the calm and slow-paced living or just want to get a vibe of your native place, such paintings are the best. The other similar paintings made by him are a small village, the path in green. Other beauteous paintings that are full of greenery are mayflower beauty and stream in silence. Animal and village busy are also on the similar theme, made by different artists.

Street Corner-

Shuvendar Sarkar has always been inclined towards making paintings that defy the basic idea of landscape art. He paints no fancy scenery of mountains, rivers or lush green forests rather he paints landscapes that he sees himself. His landscape paintings include humans, streets, rain and famous markets. If you want to add a painting that looks historic and mysterious at the same time, consider looking at his work Door Way 2. Moreover, Gol market of Delhi is one of his landscape paintings that is a perfect buy for those who are originally from Delhi but stay somewhere away from their house in another part of this country or foreign. Undoubtedly, this would be a perfect reviver of memories.

Morning field-

Made by Kaukab Ahmad this landscape art will make you feel like you are walking through a lush Greenfield every time you will look at it. He mostly uses his skills to exhibit the density of the snow, forests, and fields.

It would be a complete surprise if anyone of you would not like his work at all. His paintings involve a lot of intricate detailing and inclusion of vibrant colors. The bliss of heaven, Deep forest, Morning Raga has a unique effervescent amalgam of colors that make nature look all the more beauteous.


If you want to buy landscape art that is ethereal, his paintings are the right pick. Sankar Mandal makes paintings that look very real and natural. His other surreal work is named as landscape. You can also look at digital prints sold by Anusha Krishnaswamy. Another such artist is Sebi Augustian. Morning hues, tranquillity, winter, the forces, Lakeview, morning and similar will leave you in amazement just like us.

You can find every painting mentioned above and much more on our online art gallery. Keep exploring the options, till you find the one that hits you at a glance. We can also get the landscape paintings customized according to your preferences. Just drop us a mail and we will get back to you soon.

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