Whether you are a novice art enthusiast or an incessant art collector you must have had crossed paths with people who love proselytizing others by preaching their knowledge about the world of art. Generally, people buy art online from online art galleries and offline from the brick and mortar shops. In the attempt of presenting their level of intellect, they often scare away the new art lovers from buying art from online art galleries. No, the chords of their intellect don’t rest until they get on your nerves.

Moreover, irrespective of the medium, both have the kind of misconceptions about the art galleries that are common in one way or the other. Hence, in this blog post, few of the most common misconceptions will be debunked for now and forever. Take a look!

Misconception: Opening an art gallery is the best. The owners live a life of luxury.

Reality: People are often lured by the Art Industry because of what it appears them to be. In fact, most of them, start collecting art just to get into the circle of the art collectors and for becoming an evident attendant of the lavish and lively parties.

However, in reality, it is not as glamsy as it seems to be. The amount of effort that goes into running an art gallery is way more than any other business. How? Primarily, because they don’t serve any necessity, they are an item of luxury. Moreover, they have no definite monetary benefit and will only beautify the space they are placed in.

Hence, the owners too have their share of ups and downs, they don’t really know what they will have by the end of the month, and they may sell a couple of paintings or may not be able to sell even one.

Misconception: Art Gallery owners work rarely and even when they do, the work is not as demanding and challenging as any other business work.

Reality: The aforementioned phrase is mostly said by those who buy art online. Although, regardless of the medium, maintaining an art gallery whether online or offline is as time-taking and strenuous as any other work.

In the context of brick and mortar art galleries, a whopping amount is incurred on a monthly basis in maintain them. Moreover, most of the galleries to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their gallery keep at most 20 artworks. Though this is done to elevate the presentation of the paintings, this also limits what the galleries show.  On the other hand, when it comes to online art galleries they too need to maintain their display, the website and need to come up with innovative ideas to stay ahead with their competitors.

This was just a stone throw in the list if works that the owners need to supervise or do on their own. Hence, this is a complete misapprehension.

Misconception: Art Galleries fetch a handsome amount of money.

Reality: Generalizing this statement for all the art galleries would be a big misconception. Yes definitely, just like there is money in every business model, there is money in the art gallery business too. However, how much a businessperson earns depends on various factors. For instance, whether you buy art online or offline, you must have had observed that every art gallery have paintings of different artists with different price range. The reach and goodwill of each gallery varies, this affects the sales. Hence, the statement is subjective as not even the best galleries necessarily earn a handsome amount every month.

Misconception: Art at art galleries is very pricey. One should visit a gallery to get an idea of an artist’s artworks or the artist but should always buy directly from the artist or someone reselling an owned artwork.

Reality: All the genuine and known art galleries sell paintings which are original and unique. In most cases, you will only get an artwork at a cheap price from a reseller, at the auctions or from an art forger. Hence, if someone is a beginner and doesn’t have much idea about art, he should never get lured by the little baits of bargain that they give. The chances of the piece being a lithograph, fake or worn out increases.

Moreover, buying from art galleries also makes sure that you buy good art as the art gallery owners have an eye for the same and they keep the best lot of paintings. Therefore, you should buy art online from trusted galleries or from known brick and mortar art studio.  

Nonetheless, all the above-mentioned statements are mere misconceptions. Henceforth, you should go ahead and buy a beauteous abstract painting, landscape painting or painting of any other genre or theme that appeases your senses more, unsuspiciously.