Painters often try their hands on different genres of paintings. Landscape art painting is one of the most popular genres and has been taken by the popular and budding Indian artists

It is a fact that India is one of the countries which are blessed with beautiful locales and exotic nature. Indian painters are privileged to paint these beautiful locations with their innovative imaginations on their canvases. Painters around in India have created famous landscape paintings and have honoured by the global art lovers. In this blog, I have selected three prominent painters and their creations to showcase how Indian paintings are best for innovative concepts and unique in their treatments. 

Break - Famous Landscape Paintings

Prabal Mallick: He is one of the prominent Indian painters who has tried his hand on landscape paintings and was honoured with several awards and accolades from the global art lovers. One of his unique creations is named Break and in this painting, the artist has portrayed isolation of a road. We can see two cars standing in an isolated road along with a human figure. There are trees on both the sides of the road and the painting has a unique color combination that increases the beauty of this particular painting.

Charminar - Famous Landscape Paintings

Iruvan Karunakaran: A painter from the southern part of India is popular because of his innovative creation named Charminar. The artist has tried to reflect the beauty of the hassled city life in Hyderabad during monsoon while capturing captured historical monument Charminar in his artwork. It is one of the greatest landscape art paintings online of all time and has been appreciated the art lovers across the globe.

Seasons 1 - Famous Landscape Paintings

Bahadur Singh: He is one painter who has a series of painting named “Seasons”. The painting named Seasons 1 portrays the scorching summer with the golden sunlight coming in between the trees. The painting is unique because of its great color combination. The leaves have the color of burning lava to depict the unbearable heat of summers.

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These are some of the great landscape paintings which are not only acclaimed but appreciated by the global art lovers. Hope, these paintings are sufficient to understand the popularity of Indian landscape paintings.