Fiberglass is a complex material which is mostly used in automotive industry. It is a very adaptable material and comes in different forms in the market. It is very flexible and easily transformable and is being used by the artists from many years to create a variety of artworks for public and private places. Many of you must have seen a fiberglass installation and if touched then it gives and itchy feeling and which develops rashes and irritation afterwards because of the minute particles of glass in it.

Because of its unique features fiberglass has become a very creative medium. It can be changed or converted to beautiful abstract sculptures, lamp shades, photo frames, wall art, etc. Due to its unique features it can be made to look alike many other materials. It comes in solid blocks, mesh and sheets and can be melted to get any particular shape and sculpture as required. It can replace the traditional materials which are heavy and very expensive and it will add strength and durability to it. It can be beaten up to look alike glass, marble stone, wood and even human skin. 

Its light weight and durability helps to make different sculptures out of it. A hollow sculpture can be made out of it. It can be used to surround an art piece like a protective sheet, opens up the possibilities of a wide variety of art works. It can also be used in skylights, stained glass and windows. 

Now a day's many sculptures in the public areas are done in fiberglass which makes these sculptures cheaper and durable.