As per Hindu mythology, Radha and Krishna symbolize unconditional love and understanding. With Krishna playing flute and Radha listening to the mesmerizing tune standing beside him is how every artist portrays them in a Radha Krishna Portrait. Another famous posture in which the two are painted is a sitting one in a way that is romantic and full of love. They are considered to be a magnet for positive energy, providing spiritual ownership to the individual acting as the guiding force for them.

Modern Decor with Traditional Art-Radha Krishna Portraits

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A lot of people look at their home as a place of utmost relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalisation. A beautiful décor plays a massive role here. This is absolutely when one should pick out some amazing Radha Krishna paintings as wall decor and enhances every corner of their dream house.  But, have you ever wondered what more these deities represent? Let’s find out!  

Iconography of Radha and Krishna Portraits

It is considered auspicious to hang the Beautiful Paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha
as they are known to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Their devotion towards each other and the unconditional attraction and love have made sure that generation after generation learns about love and relationships.

Iconography of Radha Krishna Portraits

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The Radha Krishna Wall Paintings depict an everlasting adoration that existed between Lord Krishna and Radha. The romantic tale of Radha Krishna is frequently deciphered as an everlasting and superb one that goes past every genre of life. With time, their story informed the world about the divine unification of the Jivatma and Paramatma – the individual self and the general self.

As per Vastu Shastra, a Radha-Krishna abstract oil painting on your bedroom wall helps enhance and boost up the romance and affection between couples, mending any kind of issue. It is also said that such a portrait ensures getting a life partner soon if you are still single.

An icon for Good luck

Appreciation is what everyone seeks. Holding on to beautiful abstract oil paintings and Portraits of such deities ensures that your house looks out of the box, of course in a positive way, getting in more and more positivity and good luck. Being the utmost symbol and icon for love, a beautifully painted picture of Radha and Krishna helps spread a message of the same. This is one of the biggest reasons such portraits are gifted not only at weddings but also at housewarming events.

Mystical Symbolism

As per the modern art creators, Radha and Krishna paintings and portraits are meant to depict the love affair that was growing internally along with the mortals who were devoted.

Among such idealisation, some of the basic features of any Krishna and Radha Painting are:

  • Green Flowers and garlands around Lord Krishna’s neck indicating nature
  • The Blue body indicates ‘EARTH’
  • Yellow clothes represent the love for mother nature and mankind.

Mystical Symbolism of Lord krishna art

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Vastu Shastra Expertise

While various generations have witnessed, the lovers tend to collect Radha & Krishna portraits depicting their romance and morality for each other. While they have become a common household decor for a majority, placing them at the right place as per Vastu Shastra is important.

As experts suggest, abstract oil paintings, charcoal paintings, and even watercolour paintings of Radha and Krishna should be kept either in the living room or the bedroom. Also, the best direction to hang up the same is the North-East side of the room. It is known to be an ideal direction to hang up or place the portraits or paintings of any deity. One can also consider placing the same in the pooja room or where the mandir stands.

One should make sure that the paintings are placed towards the interior of the house showering their blessing and positive energy inside the house. The professional experts also mention that if one is looking to improve his or her love relationship, hanging the auspicious paintings in their bedroom is a good idea. Let's read how!

Growing the Love

While each God is identified with his or her uniqueness and powers, Radha and Krishna, the most loved couple, is known to hold a bond of eternal oneness and togetherness. Such a devotional portrait hung in the bedroom makes the positive atmosphere full of love and romance. It is also said that a single portrait or painting of the two gets positivity in your thoughts, enhancing your power to think and create peace and love at home.

Vastu Shastra Expertise of radha & Gopalam

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When in love, one seeks peace and happiness that the presence of Radha and Krishna in a painting or portrait can provide. Being an auspicious avatar, their presence holds the power to influence the life of an individual too. Vastu experts also suggest that if placed on the opposite wall of the main room, it helps keep tension and negative energy out of the house.

In the legends, when Lord Krishna was leaving Vrindavan, Radha asked for a valid and appropriate reason for him to not marry her. Lord Krishna took a gander at her and reacted, "You need two spirits to be hitched and since you and I represent one, how is it possible that I would marry you?" This expression is proof of the power of Radha and Krishna's relationship.

Radha Krishna's romantic tale is the most delightful illustration of the "incomparable energy of heavenly love." No big surprise they are the best present for each event to acquire the great energies in your unassuming homestead.

Wrapping Up

The fondness and love between Radha and Krishna are, thus, regarded to be the purest form of oneness that each couple craves for. Thus, holding their painting spreads a serene appeal of care, positivity and pureness into the entire atmosphere.  

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Putting these works of art in your bedroom or study would consistently show the devout and genuine affection that ought to be there between two living creatures.

Likewise, numerous workmanship extremists additionally set up energetic Radha Krishna artworks in their home-office or study rooms since they think it keeps them proactive constantly.

Indian customary fine arts have consistently addressed tremendous portrayal of Radha Krishna. In the event you are feeling doubtful about buying a craftsmanship made by another craftsman, you can make an assortment of different works of art.

Alongside this, there are different computerized prints of Radha Krishna that would additionally furnish you with a chance to tidy up your home with a collection of little fine arts.