The Indian art schools have evolved over periods. They have been influenced by a number of events. Right from the Indian rulers till the foreign traders to India along with the invaders, all have contributed directly or otherwise to the Indian art culture. During its rule in India, the Mughals encouraged their court artisans to transfuse two or more art forms and invent unique art forms. On various occasions, Indian art has taken national movements during the British Raj to the canvas. Apart from these, majorly the canvases of Indian art have brought up  various forms of life of the nation. Renowned artists have been inspired by the international artists and art forms and have produced master pieces which are considered as the milestones of Indian Art. 

The Indian Figurative art form which longs back not very late in the history has been a show stopper in many exhibitions. A form of art worth mentioning is the eastern and western Indian paintings. They included paintings on the palm leaves. The eastern paintings mainly portrayed the Buddha, his teachings and the divinities during and after the age of Buddha.  They were lost after the central Asian invaders ravaged the eastern part of the nation. These are also referred to as the Pala paintings pertaining to the ruling dynasty at the helm of the invention of this art. On the other hand, western paintings are still found to this day. Largely governed by the Jain paintings, this art has also found place in the Hindu temples in various parts of the country.  Similarly, it has been noticed that the western art forms have significantly influenced Rajasthan School of art workers and some of Gujarat too.

Off late, Indian Art has taken the online route. The Cyber space is always abuzz with new developments as painted by the artists under different School of Art forms. There has been a renewed interest and the taste for Indian art form has grown manifolds. Online Indian Art galleries procure many masterpieces and showcase them over various portals to the potential buyers and mostly art enthusiasts. 

These online art galleries have the ability to extend the art forms to a wide range of prospective buyers ,therefore doing more good to the buyer and painter both. These take care of all the framing requirements of the painting.
The online Indian art portals provide great insights into the rich Indian history and cultural extravagance. The best of the world's auction houses have stored and put numerous masterpieces under the hammer owing to the marvelous interest of the western world in the art forms. These art forms not only consist of paintings but also includes sculptor pieces and other figurative arts. These are the instances of living the Indian tradition which has undergone huge modifications while the intrinsic value remains intact to the core. The world's largest democracy has more to offer than any nation in the world. Once, the great Alexander said to his General: "Truly Selucus, This nation is so unique". The artists through their Indian art have exhibited the same all through the times of its existence.