Art, for long, has been a very popular medium used for expressing human emotions, sensitivities and social norms. Since ancient age, when language was not discovered, human beings used wall paintings to express themselves and inform others about their whereabouts. Modern Contemporary art refers to all the artworks that have been created from the 1880's till now. This marks a significant change in the style and approach of the artists. It is the norm of nature that old order changes yielding place for new. Similarly, Indian artists during the period of evolution of modern art began to experiment, innovate and shift from realism to abstraction. Our Indian art gallery has several samples reflecting each change and development of art styles.

With the advancement in the field of computer science and information technology, the artworks and recent paintings created by the artists can be easily displayed online through the Internet. The online art gallery has become very popular nowadays, which provides an important platform for all artists to showcase their talents through the proper display of their art-works or paintings. Besides, it educates the art collectors about the availability of new paintings made by their favourite artists. They can select some of these artworks from a wide range of paintings online and can procure the same with least hassles. Few art galleries also offer the facility of custom paintings, which enables you to avail the painting of your choice as per your required specifications. 

Thus, online art gallery not only enriches our knowledge about the different artworks, style and medium adopted by painter etc. but also facilitates the sale and purchase of different artworks. These galleries have played an important role in popularizing Indian art and its various styles across the globe. Some of the famous contemporary Indian artists who have brought international laurels to the Indian art are S. G. Vasudev, Jagdeep Smart, M.F Husain, Manjit Baba, Jogen Chowdhary, Piraji, Sagra, Akbar Padamsee, Amit Ambalal, N. S. Bendry, Yashwant Shirwadkar, etc.

Modern Art Gallery acts as a vast repository of current artworks created by some prominent artists. They also assist the budding artists, by displaying and promoting their artworks and at the same time earn recognition from passionate art collectors. Online Indian art gallery aids to enhance the knowledge of art among people and have also emerged as a favourite place to visit periodically. Here, the art collectors can get the preview of many different types of paintings and can appreciate its beauty.