Do productivity and art go hand in hand? The answer to this can be easily found in the fact that art does stimulate emotions. Who doesn’t love to enter an artistic and colorful place? A workspace that is full of colorful strokes and is beautifully adorned with the artworks by Amrita Sher-Gill, Anamika V, and Hema Upadhyay is definitely an awe-inspiring space to go for. An artistic workspace is always better when compared to a lean office space. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating paintings at your workplace:

Interiors of an office space always inspire

An office space that is adorned with artworks or lined up with beautiful statues truly sounds like an employee’s dream place to work. Imagine that at the entrance you see a beautifully carved Ganesha statue along with it there is a garden which is adorned with a beautiful art piece. Such impeccably designed office will surely inspire employees and stimulate creativity and focus on the environment.

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Impact of artwork on employee’s psychology

Having a beautiful artistic piece at the entrance itself will leave a great impression on your employees. Presence of colorful strokes brings a feeling of fresh perspective into the room. This can definitely change the mood of a meeting room. A piece of unusual artwork is your perfect bet to splash some colors in a corporate space.

Give wings to your employee’s innovative ability  

Want more innovative ideas to float at the workplace? The best way is to introduce modern art paintings of mountains, sunsets, and trees.

It is said that when employees are encapsulated by such a positive energy, they tend to come out to be more productive. Seeing artwork makes them happy making the employees more efficient.

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As per research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology, it is said that workspaces that are well-created and infused with artwork have employees that are 32 percent more productive than others.

Crucial for branding

It is important to have a workplace that exhibits beautiful wall art. This is not just good for your employees but also for the brand of the company. The brand, character, and culture of your office space talk a lot about your workspace. An office space that is designed to leave a good impression on others is really great for your branding. Employees love to associate with the company that has a comfortable and cheerful working environment.

Few steps for bringing an artwork to your office space

If you are thinking to introduce artwork at your workplace, then keep these guidelines in mind:

Engage your employees

Ask your employees to surround themselves with artwork. You can give them the freedom to choose an abstract painting for their cabin. Also, if you are thinking to revamp the office space, then you can always take advice from your employees.

Seek expert’s advice

It is important to seek an expert’s advice when it comes to infusing artwork in your office space. There are many corporate art consultants that will assist you with great interior decorations advice.

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A beautiful wall art

You can simply go for a beautiful wall art at your workspace. Write down the core beliefs of your company or team on the wall in an artistic way. This wall will always remind you to honor your main goal amidst different challenges and work pressures.

Go for Renting Paintings

If you like to include interesting paintings in your office space, then you could simply go for renting them. This will give your office space a great look and would channelize it with new positive energy. For keeping things fresh, you can rent the paintings and easily renew them whenever the need arises. 

Impact on business

The impact of your office space can be really amazing for your clients. In a way of coming out to be fruitful for the overall growth of the business. If your office space exhibits a set of humorous paintings that can change the moods of your business executives, then see the indirect impact it would have on the increased revenue. It is normal that we make good decisions and perform well when we are in a good mood. Thus, designing an office space where there is a special zone for laughter at the very entrance itself will definitely make all the difference.

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Final Word

In the end, it is important to create a beautiful workplace that propagates creativity and new ideas. Wherein every day you see a rush of new innovative ideas. These intangible ideas will definitely shape itself making a difference in the overall performance of the business. This will be easily seen in the increased productivity and profitability of the business.

What are you waiting for? Go buy some online art and see the surge of innovative ideas floating at your workplace.