The modern art movement in Indian Art began in the late 19th century in Kolkata. Old traditions of paintings had more or less died out in Bengal and new art schools were started by the British government.

Raja Ravi Verma work showed some inclination towards western traditions including the techniques of oil paint and easel painting. He supported modern art ideas that ignited the spark of famous modern art galleries following the widespread western influence.

Here, we are discussing top old modern art galleries, which had been established.

Santiniketan: It is a visionary university established by Rabindranath Tagore. Its main objective was to preserve and uplift Indian culture, values and heritage. Though he entered the arena of Indian paintings quite late, however, turned out to be the game-changer. His ideas were highly influenced by Indian modernism. It established an Indian version of naturalism distinct from the oriental and western schools.

The Bengal School: Indian art became highly influenced by western ideas and art styles. This school stood up as an avant-garde institution and eliminated the academic art styles previously promoted in India. Under the influence of the Bengal School, Indian artists bravely supported modernist ideas and painting techniques.

Bombay Progressive Artists Group: Several schools of Indian art were established by the post-independence period. This provided access to modern techniques and ideas. Bombay Progressive Artists' Group was the most influential group of modern Indian artists in India. It was established in 1947 and worked with an aim to paint with absolute freedom for content and technique. This group was disbanded in 1956.

Vadehra Art Gallery: Vadehra Art Gallery (VAG) started in 1987 and mainly has promoted contemporary Indian art through exhibitions, publications, retrospectives and educational programs. Over the last 20 years, the gallery has supported both modern and contemporary artwork.

Old modern art galleries have become a leading source of inspiration for budding artists primarily focused on taking Indian art to the next level.