One of the major trends of 2021 in the household art market and the interior design segment is creating a gallery wall. As buying artworks get easier and convenient with a multitude of online art galleries coming up, homeowners and interior designers are now able to visualize and create combinations of the artworks before actually buying them. Are you one of them as well looking to give your home a new look with a well curated gallery wall?

We all love gallery walls as they infuse colors and patterns into the home. Today, the décor style for galleries is not restricted to family photographs, but representing multiple art mediums alluringly represented in one space.The best part about creating a gallery wall is that there are no strict rules to follow. Yet, one needs to ensure that the artworks selected together are able to create a cohesive look.

To start with, select a wall you want create the gallery on. Bigger the better, although not necessary. You can create multiple gallery walls as well, but in different parts of the house.

You must be already familiar with creating gallery walls using photographs; therefore, in this article, we will focus on how you can use artworks to create a stunning gallery wall.

Tips for creating an eclectic gallery wall:

Think of the Theme

When creating a gallery wall, finalize your theme first! By theme, we mean finalizing the art groups based on how to highlight the gallery, namely- family photographs or maybe different art forms based on the room décor, color, interiors, etc. For example- an abstract art gallery for a contemporary home or a watercolor and figurative art gallery for a simple traditional home.

Creating a theme helps to make better decisions and avoid wasting time on what to select. Think of your preferred theme and collect artworks/photographs accordingly.

Start Making Collection

From making a collection of original artworks, handmade art, to photographs and drawings, for an astounding gallery, start collecting the things you adore and love. Think about the size and patterns you want, whether you want a single art form or want to make a gallery carrying multiple infusions.

Pre-deciding these arrangements, you can research your preferred style better. Online mediums can help you with great ideas on how to make a great collection, so start reading and collecting things you adore. 

Mix-Match Different Sizes

Planning to make your gallery look appealing? Go asymmetrical. Dress your wall with different sizes of frames. With a variety of dimensions, you can get that chic look for your wall. Mix-matching seems risky and not many people want to experiment with different art forms infused in one place to form a gallery.

What if it does not look attractive? What if it turns out to be a blunder?

These thoughts stop people from experimenting with new ideas and trying new styles but trust us, a gallery with different art forms in different sizes will never dishearten you. You can also think of picking your favorite frames.

online art gallery


In the above image, we have festooned artworks by popular artists listed on www.indianartideas.in to help you understand the placement of multiple art mediums in one place. Here, we have made a gallery wall infusing art mediums like A Rajas’ Nature Pallette, Kailash Kumar’s watercolor artwork, Harpreet Kaur’s watercolor flowers, Rahul Salve’s Affection, Rishika Sharma’s Ganpati painting, and Dharmendra Dhuri’s Socializing artwork. 

For galleries it is advised to have similar frames of multiple art mediums, wherein the sizes can differ. You can experiment with the color variants of the frames. For a subtle backdrop, go for neutral or black colored frames. 

Mix and Match Different Art Forms

For an eclectic gallery treatment, mix matching different art forms can bring attractive results. Displaying artworks in different sizes is great, however, using different art mediums collectively in one space can adorn the gallery wall alluringly.

Different art mediums, sculptures look graceful in a gallery treatment when complemented with adjacent décor of candle stands, wooden/rustic cabinets etc.

What not to do when creating gallery wall:

Forgetting the Measurements

It is important to measure the wall length and finalize frames accordingly. The numbers of the prints have to be defined, as you have to leave spaces in between the frames for a clean look for the gallery.

Once you finalize your measurements, place your frames on the floor and take a look to make sure that the combinations go well.

Ignoring the interiors

It is important that your gallery space complements the wall colors and rest of the décor in the room. Ignoring the interiors, you maybe restricting yourself from creating an eclectic look altogether.

Your furniture, accessories, style, etc. highlight your art, consequently ignoring the interiors can be risky. To create balance, select artworks depending on your furnishings and accessories.

Keeping same theme for multiple gallery walls

Remember to have a distinct look for each gallery if you are planning to have multiple gallery walls in your home. Keeping the same theme can make the sight monotonous and pale; consequently ensure that each gallery is distinctive.

You can go for a photo gallery wall and a mix matched gallery having different art forms combined together. These will not only ensure a distinct look but will increase the impact of your space.

Wrap Up:

Gallery wall décor is something that will never go out of style. You can change your décor statement whenever you come across some artwork that can add to your gallery collection. If you have decided on your gallery wall’s framework, check out our expansive collection of art forms at https://indianartideas.in/

We have a wide range of artworks by famous artists and we also assist in placing and buying artworks adequately. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cup of coffee and start exploring!