Modern Art is one such catchword that has often boggled the mind of the viewer. What exactly does it mean and how is it  different from other forms of art? Is it analogous to the contemporary form of art or not? These are some of the questions that have always intrigued the viewers.

The terms "modern art" and "contemporary art" aren't that simple as they appear to be. Rather, would say anyone would get easily baffled because in a general parlance, these two words are analogous.

In world of art, the term modern art is irrefutably different from the contemporary form of artwork. Counter-intuitively, both the words are basically synonymous with each other as per dictionary meaning. You can switch these words "modern" and "contemporary" with each other.

One of the pivotal points here is that there is a variation in the two. And, to elucidate the same given below are certain standpoints that will give you a clear picture:

How is modern art different from contemporary art?

Modern Art: The terminology Modern artwork is used to define a period of avant-gardism- a period of art creation that began near around 1890s and continued till 1960s.

Renowned artists, such as Paul Cezanne, Edouard Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Maurice de Vlaminck and many more have been considered as the "Masters of Modern Art" as they were the major players in the art movements that took place during that time period.

They delved deep into new ways of articulating their thoughts and ideas. This panache of art embodies the style, as well as beliefs and values of the art created during that era. The prime focus of the artists was mainly on the subjective representation of modern-life themes and attempted to use unique styles to reflect inner or outer worlds more clearly.

Modern Art intended to reflect - innermost visualizations, real life social concerns, and metaphors and experiment. The firmness in defining art types started taking an edge off when the Indian contemporary art started getting acknowledged by the general public. This new form of art was dealing with concerns and apprehensions related to the current world.  Modern Artists usually painted the canvas on different art movements like cubism, fauvism, futurism, surrealism, dada, etc.

Contemporary Art: On the other hand, contemporary form of art is generally used to represent the artwork which has been made in recent times precisely say, made in last 20 years.

Well, any artists who are creating paintings or artwork NOW are considered as contemporary artists even when they may be deeply influenced by the past work. In contemporary form of artworks, the artists usually use a variety of materials and techniques, but recurrently use new technologies, such as personal computer and laptops.

Theme that the contemporary artists covered is generally racial discrimination, climatic changes due to global warming, sanctity, human rights, global political issues etc. The artists are not much concerned with the thought of piousness in art as in case of modern art.

In the end, we conclude by saying that these two forms of art have extremely influenced the people from different eras and will still continue to do that in all the centuries coming ahead. Both the forms of artworks reflect their own value and distinctiveness.  They are the means through which artists beautifully articulated their thoughts and concerns about the world they are living in at during their respective eras.