Mona Lisa, one name that has sparked great levels of interest among the masses since time immemorial. Unquestionably, it is one of the most popular paintings in the history of mankind and it still manages to catch the fancy of millions of people worldwide. Even the individuals who are entirely oblivious to the world of art are aware of the presence of this renowned artwork. So, one question which arises in the mind of everyone is what makes Mona Lisa the most written and talked about painting on the face of the earth.

There are innumerable mesmerising art for sale available across the globe, but what is so special about this painting that captivates the hearts of millions of art lovers. Well, if you are also seeking an answer to this question, then this blog will provide you with three distinctive reasons which contribute towards the immense popularity of this painting.

  • The Mysterious Smile:

Question anyone about the high recognition of Mona Lisa and they’ll tell you about her charming smile. Leonardo Da Vinci, the creator of this painting, used a technique called sfumato to give Mona Lisa her enigmatic grin. Indisputably, the painting is most famous for its optical illusion. When you happen to look straight into the eyes of Mona Lisa then it looks like she’s smiling. However, as soon as you move your gaze to her lips, the smile miraculously vanishes. The logic given for this optical illusion is peripheral vision. By using the sfumato technique, Vinci created a shadow scheme of the face which gives birth to this visual delusion. This is a very tedious technique which involves applying paint in thin layers. As Vinci had to wait for long durations to allow the paint to dry, this painting took years to complete. Certainly a tough technique to master, sfumato is one of the biggest reasons behind the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa.

  • Hot and Spicy Controversies:

There are numerous controversies which are doing rounds around this painting and a majority of them relate to the relationship of Vinci with the lady depicted in the painting. One of the most famous controversy is relating to the love affair of Leonardo Da Vinci with the sitter in the painting. The theory behind this debate is that the lady portrayed in the painting was the wife of the gentleman who had commissioned the artwork. Few other researches drew the conclusion that the face of Mona Lisa resembles the self-portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci which he made in the year 1512. Moreover, some other people believe that Mona Lisa is a feminine self-portrait of Vinci himself. However, there is no strong reasoning supporting this argument.

  • Its Theft turned it into A Legend:

Due to the uniqueness of this painting, one would never find Mona Lisa’s art for sale. However, in the year 1911, the painting got stolen. After its theft, it was featured in the most notable international newspapers on a daily basis. This brought the artwork to the attention of everyone and even the people who were least interested in the subject of art got to know about it. What rose this case to fame was the fact that the police wasn’t able to find any constructive leads relating to this theft and numerous artists and critics came under speculations.

There are numerous theories doing rounds around the popularity of Mona Lisa, but the aforementioned three reasons are the most notable ones. They are widely accepted and provide the most logical reasoning behind the immense fame of this painting.

Undeniably, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most renowned artists belonging to the era of Renaissance. He has other numerous works which have witnessed enormous success in the world of art. A majority of his creations are left to the viewers for interpretation and as a result of this numerous people draw different kinds of conclusion from his masterpieces. However, Mona Lisa happens to be the most popular gem of his entire collection and owing to this reason, one can find the prints of this art for sale in today’s times as well. It won’t be wrong to say that right from Indian artwork to the brilliance of American oeuvre, there exists no painting as magnificent as the Mona Lisa itself.