Conceptual art is a term that articulately signifies the form of artwork wherein concept behind the creation and is more significant than the execution. 


Fundamentally, conceptual art has no corporeal form, as a painting does, however subsists only in the form of words (either written or verbal) that expresses the perception, or idea. This art movement actually emerged in the late 1960s and early 70s. It was considered as a reaction against the contemporary art of during that era. Plus, the artistic development of work majorly took place in the form of the Philosophy of Semantics and Language, most remarkably by the Philosopher Wittgenstein. 


Conceptualist art is a parallel form of real-world-art. While a word written on a wall can be considered to be art, it might not exist for a long time. There are possibilities for this temporary art form to survive later through notes or photographs, but the main concern remains that this work exists in a documented format and is not the real work in a touch-and-feel form. On the other hand, conceptualism can be described as liberation. Through any given medium, the fundamental artistic idea can be portrayed. Many a times, it can be illustrated on a blank space like some of Fred Forest's works.


In 1967, the American artist Sol LeWitt clearly described Conceptual Art as where the notion itself, even if not made pictorial, is as much a work of art as any completed product.


One of the harbingers and influences of Conceptual Art was Marcel Duchamp. The piece most often alluded to is his The Fountain - an upside-down urinal signed R. Mutt.


Conceptual artists do not head off to create a painting or a sculpture and then fit their thoughts and notions to that existing form. Rather, they tried thinking beyond the parameters of those conventional media, and then worked out their concept in whatever material and whatever form they found appropriate. They were hence emphasizing more priority on the concept than over the traditional media. That is the reason why its being known as conceptual art form. Many artists even initiated the usage of photography, film and video. 


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