Oil paintings are susceptible to weathering and accidental damages. In order to avoid it, painting owners can contribute substantially towards preventive conservation of their art collections.

Basically preservation of a painting slowsdown its deterioration. Note that preserving an oil painting is not a tough task, it just seems to be difficult.

Here are a few steps to help you carry out proper preservation projects for oil paintings:

- Select a room with proper lighting of up to 200 lux. This room should exhibit stable temperature conditions and proper humidity levels through out the year.
- Coat your precious art piece with a layer of varnish. The liquid must be applied only on completely dry art works. In case of any confusion, contact professional conservators working with Indian art dealers. 
- Buy a set of strong picture hooks. Install them firmly on the wall of your choice and hang your oil painting by them with a wire.
- After hanging the painting, keep a tab on the wire to ensure that it is firm enough. Weak wires must be immediately changed. 
- In order to take down the painting for cleaning, remove it by the frame and avoid contacting the surface. 
- Wash your hands before handling the painted surface otherwise moisture and bacteria can damage the masterpiece.
- Clean the frame and the painting 1 to 2 times per week. Use soft bristled brushes and/or moist cotton wool swabs and/or soft micro fibre cloths. The frame can be vacuumed or cleaned with soft brushes.
- If there is a termite/insect infestation, store your painting in a plastic bag and get it examined by an expert. 

Through the process, you might require the following items:

1.Good quality wire
2.100 ml Varnish
3.Strong picture hooks
4.Soft bristle brushes
5.Moist cotton wool
6.Soft micro fibre cloth
7.Vacuum cleaner
8.Plastic bag
9.Hand sanitizer

These guidelines will ensure that precious artworks in your home and online landscape art gallery stay well preserved and beautiful for a long time.