Possessing an oil painting is a matter of pride and these paintings become a part of our lives. To make this long-term and durable proper care should be taken. Preserving an oil painting is not a difficult task; you must do it in a right way.

There are few steps which can be followed to preserve your oil paintings: 

-Careful handling of the artwork is very necessary to avoid any damage to the painting. While moving a painting hold the painting from both sides. Handle the frame without touching the surface of the painting with hands. Wash and dry hands before cleaning the paintings to avoid any moisture from damaging the painting.

-Direct sunlight is very harmful to the painting. These radiations can cause cracking and fading of the paint layer, so its exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. You can use flood lighting or a low-frequency bulb to avoid such damage because indirect and reflected daylight is better than direct.

-Avoid keeping your oil painting in a room where the temperature fluctuates. Swift environmental changes occur in locations like bathrooms and kitchens, it is a bad idea to hang oil painting there. Humidity and temperature can cause the expansion and contraction of the canvas and wood stretchers. Try hanging your oil painting somewhere in office or home where humidity and temperature are reasonably constant.

-Dirt can attract corrosion, impurities, and moisture to the surface of the painting, which can damage the painting. To avoid damage you must not hang these paintings near the fire place or area where people smoke. 

-The oil painting should not be cleaned regularly unless required. To clean the painting the brush which is used should be made up of soft bristles because this helps in removal of accumulated dust on the painting without damaging the intrinsic value of the artworks.