For ages, oil portraits and paintings have held the attention of art buyers because of their ageless charm. Every brush stroke and each drop of oil color applied imbues an unparalleled richness and vibrancy to the canvas. No wonder, oil paints were chosen by the world’s greatest artists to portray their creativity.

Almost everyone is familiar with the names of the renowned oil painting artists — Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Edvard Munch, Johannes Vermeer. Indulging in the rich, versatile, and beautifully luminescent oil paints along with curious iconography and unique artistic techniques, they have created masterpieces that transcended time and culture to claim their rightful place in the wide-ranging history of art.

Having a long tradition in art history, oil paints have appealed to artists since the middle ages and its legacy endures as one of the most popular art media today. In the contemporary age, from professional studio artists to novice street painters favor oils to paint their creations.

Offering immense control, freedom, and versatility, this media gives endless possibilities of rich color complexity and impressive textural effects. However, there are challenges associated as well while working with oils —  mess, fumes, and a long drying time. But oil painting artists know that the difficulties are a small price to pay when compared to the finished work — glowing colors,  smooth blending, and marvelous finished texture.

With oil paints,  unlimited effects can be achieved using the regular vocabulary of art supplies —  canvas, paints (oils), priming, and varnish. Thus be it wholly representative images, expressive paintings, highly realistic objects and scenes, and even more illustrative works, oil paints are often an ideal pick owing to their unsurpassed richness, depth, and luminosity.

Smooth and delicate strokes can be effortlessly created in still life paintings, and so are the loosely painted strokes and vibrant colors in landscape artworks. Also, they can be easily applied to different surfaces in a variety of different ways.

Apart from lending itself to many interesting effects, oil paints are also very forgiving. With long drying time, it allows artists to change their mind even days after finishing a painting. Many great masters of the painting loved the slow drying nature of oils and preferring not to rush with their paintings painted exclusively in oils.

Here are some of our fabulous oil painting artists who execute incredibly original and excellent works of art.

Swati Kale:

With several successful exhibitions and prestigious recognitions under her belt, Swati Kale is a seasoned Nature artist. Obsessed with the beauty of flowers, she creates their endless formations on canvas using oil paints. According to her, flowers are a symbol of energy and the garden is a place of sentiments, and she often draws the inspiration for her paintings from her garden of flowers.

Explore her creations from our oil painting gallery: https://indianartideas.in/artist/swati-kale/1169

Arya Chandra Chowdhury:

Recipient of Golden Brush Award in 2006 and 2007,  art pieces of Arya Chandra Chowdhury portray a rare sensuality of emotions. One of our eminent oil painting artists, many of his artworks finds a place in Kolkata Assembly Hall and form a part of the private art collections in the USA, Poland, Germany, Dubai, and the UK. Intrigued by the movement of natural phenomena, each of his compositions elaborates a story about figures engaging with the individual as well as universal life experience,  depicting the exciting unknown which is driven primarily by his own emotions and imagination.

Explore his popular creations from our oil painting gallery:


Subrata Ghosh:

This young oil painting artist tries to explore temporality from the perspective of timelessness. Inspired by the enlightened heritage of Indian classical art, he tries to build up his own idiom. The subjects of his oil paintings are often tranquility and divination of the Ajanta figuration and Gupta sculptures. The floral elements, rhythmic creepers, and flying birds often decorate the faces and figures of his compositions. He does his paintings in multiple layers to bring out the ultimate effect.

Explore his stunning creations from our oil painting gallery:


Dinesh Attry:

A young emerging artist from the small Indian village of Kunar in the North-Western state of Himachal Pradesh, Dinesh started dabbling with paint at a very early age. With painting and drawing always been his passion, he was seldom without a paintbrush in his hand. Starting his career as a sketch artist sitting beside a lake making portraits of passers-by, Dinesh now owns his own studio,  and teaches a new generation, of upcoming artists, and is often asked to judge art competitions. While painting animals and birds has been a large part of Dinesh’s work, his real passion is “faces”. He likes observing faces and drawing out the emotion from a face.

Explore his creations from our oil art gallery:


Now sit back and indulge in the mesmerizing works of art by our talented oil painting artists!

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