What sort of painting would you like to see on the wall space of your home? I am talking about the place you live in, you eat in, and you relax.

It is the most secluded and the most comfortable place for you. Therefore, the paintings placed there should be more than just an artwork.

IMHO, oil paintings are the best when it comes to beautifying the home’s wall space. The vivacious colors and the scintillating designs just dazzle the art lovers to the core.

In fact, the oil paintings are so exquisite and appealing that their richness of colors and the diverse textures can infuse life into any sort of gloomy rooms.

If you have gone or ever get a chance to visit a paintings gallery, you would find a completely different section of oil paintings there. It is so because these artworks are quite unique and exclusive as such.

This said, have you ever felt low visiting an oil painting gallery and couldn’t afford to buy any piece because of high prices?

Yes, oil paintings are pretty expensive and few of the art lovers could not help but wonder why. I, through this blog, will be penning down some of the aspects that prove the worth of these remarkable paintings.

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Along with this, I will also be throwing light on the tips that will aid you in selecting these majestic pieces for your home.

Let’s begin:

Why are Oil Paintings so Costly?

Have you ever visited an oil painting gallery? Or have you visited paintings gallery at all?

Did you ever compare the prices there?

Of course, the most costly paintings belong to the oil artworks. Do you know why?

Oil paintings are crafted using oil paints that are nothing but pigments blended with the dry oil.

Actually, the cohesive process of jotting down an oil painting is quite onerous as the artists have to utilise thinned paint or the charcoal to draw a mere sketch.

Post this, colors are utilised for the painting.

Do you know what oil paint is mixed with?

It is blended with linseed oil, artists grade solvents, walnuts, and similar solvents in order to slim the paint for easy usage.

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There are multiple layering of coatings in an oil painting and artists ensure to follow the ‘thin to thick’ rule.

This means each layer has a higher level of coating than the layer below.

The ‘thin to thick’ rule is adopted to avoid any cracking and peeling in the final artwork and to enable suitably drying too.

Oil paint’s coat takes around 3 to 4 days to dry up while the whole painting takes around 6 months to a year to be dried.

After this, the coating of varnish is done as a protective layering.

All this effort takes a good amount of time and money of the artist.

Hence, the sweat and blood (figuratively) that is put in the final oil painting makes it so costly.

Next time you look at an exquisite piece of art in the oil painting gallery, look at the time and effort that must have been put to make it.

Tips on Selecting Oil Painting for your Home

Let’s take a look at the tips and techniques of oil painting that are going to help you to start painting at your home.

Assess the wall space

You surely do not want an oversized painting if the wall space of your room is small and you would also not want a small miniature for the biggest wall of your living room.

The point is, you need to take a proper measurement of the walls so that when you are seeking artwork in an oil painting gallery you choose correctly.

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Adorning the wall space is itself an art and suitable size is the foremost step to be taken correctly.

Color Composition

It becomes quintessential that the painting you are getting your hands on compliments with the color on your walls.

If the color of your room’s wall space is light, then the painting you should be looking for must have a bright composition and vivacious designs.

Contrarily, if the room is already painted with bright colors a light colored artwork would be ideal for you.


If you choose the oil painting in accordance with the décor of your room, you are doing the right thing.

It may be possible that your house is entirely following one specific art style such as contemporary, traditional or an amalgamation of both. Mix up the patterns, make a collage of small miniatures or choose some vintage style artwork.


The art you select makes a bold statement about your personality. Choose the subject matter wisely. Think about what do you like.

What do you want to see on your wall; the landscapes, the abstract, traditional or the style of the Indian paintings?

Choosing a theme can be a tricky process, so be patient.