Looking for wall decor ideas to add extra personality and refresh your space? Those empty walls are filled with endless possibilities, a few additions of room decor paintings or quirky artworks can amp your walls and enliven your home.

A good artwork can really pull your room together, but searching for the right piece of art and the right place for it can be quite intimidating. But, don’t you worry! We have got you covered.

If you are ready to turn those stark and bare walls into stylish centerpieces, read on to explore some interesting wall decor ideas and tricks:

  • Hang A Large-Scale Artwork

A single large-sized room decor painting or an oversized wall artwork sets the tone of the space and grabs the attention of people as soon as someone enters the room. However, to make it impactful, you need to be extra careful- make sure you take the measurements of both the painting and the wall it will be hanging from beforehand.

You can hang the large-scale painting above a carefully chosen furniture, console or fireplace. But for the piece to pop out better, let it stand alone, else you will end up overwhelming the space.

In case you have a limited budget and cannot afford a large piece of art, try creating something on your own. You can blow up your own black and white photo and hang it in a minimalist space or add color with a vibrant abstract print.

  • Arrange A Gallery Wall

Large-scale pieces can be quite expensive. If you cannot make that type of investment now, go for creating a gallery wall of smaller paintings grouped together to take the place of one large-scale artwork.

Try mixing and matching various pieces of art you have to match the colour palette and the design of your room. You can even reframe the artworks you already own to give them a new life.

If you have paintings of different sizes and designs, don’t get stumped. Go for hanging the pieces in salon-style (image below) wherein the paintings are placed in groups of different sizes next to and above each other, letting you construct the entire wall as a singular piece of art.

  • Collection Of Ceramic Plates


If you are an avid collector of fine china including ceramic plates, you can use to create beautiful wall art. Use the wire plate hangers to place your favourite dishes in different arrangements. You can display them by patterns, colours, or come up with a fun mix-up for a Boho feel.

  • Try Framed Family Portraits

If you have numerous pictures of your family or your kids, you should consider enlarging a few of them to use as artwork for your home to make a big architectural statement.

You can frame the photos and hang them in a grid pattern or an asymmetrical display. However, ensure that the pictures are united through a common element so as to give them a sense of order, that common element could be the colour, frame colour or image size. Let’s say, you have a lot of photographs of different sizes and frames, you can print them all in black and white and hang in frame of the same scale so that it does not look like a crookedly hanging haphazard collection of random family photos.

Also, you can create a sweet asymmetrical display of your family photographs by using cool thumbtacks to affix pictures directly to the wall in a heart shape.

  • Colour Swatch Gallery Wall

Designing a colorful gallery wall is a perfect idea for a craft room or kids’ playing area. Print oversized solid squares in the colours of your choice and simply frame them in a grid, your dynamic wall art is ready!

  • Add Vintage Posters

If you have vintage posters available in your treasure chest, use them to create bold wall art in your bedroom. These pieces look stunning if the room has a neutral setting.

  • Go For Sculptural Sconces

Affixed to a wall, sconces add an extra source of light without taking up space on the floor of your room. Choose an attractive fixture that complements your decor as a wall sculpture and illuminates the space in style.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, it’s your home and you got to decide how do you want it to feel. Whether you are an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, make sure you are surrounded by the things you adore. Focus on room decor paintings and artworks that bring you joy. If you love the look of a simple black and white photograph, go placing a collection of gorgeous pictures for your walls. Or, if you want to create a fun and vibrant feel in your home, don’t shy away from picking out some colorful prints with an element of humor. It’s all about what you want – trust yourself and choose your own adventure!

Additional Tip: How many paintings should you have in one room?

There is no limit to how many pieces of wall art you can place in a room. The only thing you have to be careful about is that it does not overwhelm the space but unites the entirety of the room. Keep in mind the following factors and you can never go wrong:

-The size of the room: If you have a small apartment and are short on space, it is always better to go for a collection of small-sized artworks.

-The wall space available: If your home is minimalistic wherein you have a huge amount of wall space available, hanging one large or oversized canvas should be enough.

-The Hallways: These parts of the home usually have abundant empty wall spaces. Depending on the length of your hallway, you can create a mini wall gallery or hang up single large-sized wall art.