Confused about what kind of painting for living room would be best-suited? 

The what, where, and how!

If you have a habit of purchasing artworks you know how annoying and demanding it can be. You might like some piece but aren’t sure whether it will be appropriate. Or you may be confused between your two best art genres say – abstract and contemporary.

For me, whenever I look to buy a painting, I seek the purpose. Objectifying your purchase would offer you the clarity needed to select the right artwork.

For instance, if I ask ‘what kind of painting for living room would be appropriate?’ –what will be your response?

While the immature art zealots will immediately stand up and name their favourite art forms, the more expert buyers will take a much systematic approach.

The living room conundrum

As said, when you have clear reason of why you want to purchase an artwork, half of your purchase is already done. Only the other half is left.

Moving ahead, since we are going to talk about what kind of painting to put in living room, we will take a reverse approach.

We will start with the living room. Generally, the living room of your house is where you want to put up the best stuff, the best colour on the walls, the best artefacts, and everything around should be terrific. Why?

Because this is the place of your house where you invite friends, relatives, office colleagues, and guests to converse and have a pleasant and relaxing time. In short, this is where you impress others with your home décor.

So, there shouldn’t be the slightest mismatch when it comes to selecting the paintings for living room.

I would personally advice all the art lovers to take a 360-degree approach where you consider attributes like colours, motifs, genres, etc to choose which painting would be best.

It is also said that the artwork that you place in your house says a lot about who you are. So, it should be complementing not just your room’s breath but also your taste and thought process.

Sounds heavy huh? Don’t worry, the following tips will help you in deciding what kind of painting for living room would be best-suited.

The Genre and the matter

Not every day you go looking for paintings that would suit your living room. It is an exclusive activity. So, it should be done with great eye-to-detailing and nimbleness.

Now, look around your living room. What’s the face of it? Is it too loud? Or does your living room have a serene aura with calmness floating around?

For people who have vintage appearing living room with furniture’s style similar to the ancient period, selecting a painting that reflects the cultural and traditional essence would be ideal. For this, try Indian folk art forms like Madhubani, Pattachitra, Pichwai, Phad, etc.

In the same context, if your living room carries the ethnic soul along, artworks of Radha Krishna, Mughal Paintings, etc would make the most sense.

Similarly, for a living room with a contemporary outlook, artworks with motifs revolving around surrealism and abstraction would do the trick.

So, always inspect what your living room says and just follow it.

The banner of your room

Like a company is known by its logo, a nation is recognized by its emblem or a flag, the identity of your living room is basically the colour.

A lot of art enthusiasts while decorating their living room leave behind the most basic aspect that should be considered; the colour.

Typically, a living room should be filled with warmer and welcoming colours so that anyone entering should feel the cordiality and experience the affection. In this sense, an artwork that has bold colours and vivacious compositions will be best-suited for your living room.

But the most important factor that you should always consider is that what is the colour of your living room and select the painting correspondingly.

Frame it right

Do you know the role frames play in the visual appeal of a painting?

The right frame ensures that your guests’, friends’, relatives’, and visitors’ attention is centred on the painting itself. However, it is not necessary that all paintings should be wrapped with a frame.

In most cases though, a frame increases the visual charm of the artwork and complements your room ideally.

If the artwork hanged in your room is traditional, a fancy wooden frame or a golden frame would befit. Light weight and thin frames suit the paintings that are abstract and surreal.

Experiment as much as you can with the frames till you get that perfect piece that suits your artworks and room.

Seize the right size

When all the above tips followed, it’s time to put the right sized artwork in your room. Let’s say your living room is too big and you place a small miniature painting, would it be appropriate? Ofcourse not.

What kind of painting for living room is ideal depends on many aspects but the biggest of all is the size optimization. What fits ideally in your room appears more attractive.

Not too big, neither too small should be approach while considering what size painting fits your living room’s aura.

If your room is big with multiple walls, it is not essential that you decorate each wall to fill up the empty space.

For big wall spaces, one big painting or a number of small miniatures or digital art prints can also do the needful. So, be very specific about the size of the artwork you are planning to put in your living room.

Visual equilibrium

Why do you hang paintings or place any artefact in your living room? What’s the ultimate objective?

Isn’t it to make the entire room more enchanting and visually intriguing?

This said, apart from the major tips we have discussed, there are some small factors that should be kept in mind while adorning your living room with paintings.

Place or hang the paintings whose colours augment, enrich, and aggregate the visual balance of the entire room. In addition, where you place your painting also has a large role to play in keeping your room’s aura spectacular.

So, the next time you are seeking the answer to the question what kind of painting to put in living room, read the above-mentioned tips.