Paintings created by Indian painters are always appreciated by the global art lovers. The style and innovative concepts are the key ingredients of Indian art paintings. India is one territory where the color of soil gets changed in every 5 kilometers. Not only culture or geography, there are different communities which have different body languages. Painters love to portray such things on canvas. So, they paint people and try to sketch their common gestures on canvas. These can be considered figurative art as well sketch paintings. 

The trend and popularity of sketches has never faded away. Till date, art lovers have shown their interest on personalized art. Painters sketch different images of different successful people or celebrities. Sometimes, they also sketch common people and communicate with stroke of the pencils. The specialty lies on the pencil stroke and the capability of the artist that what mood they want to capture on the canvas.

For an example, a painter named Javed Hashmi sketches different figures of celebrities and other common people. Some of his sketches are of Indian Superstar ‘Salman Khan Oil Painting, ‘Aishwarya Rai in Black and White 1’, ‘Portrait of Celeb Madonna’ and more. Apart from celebrity paintings, his creations like ‘Beauty with Mirror’. These are some examples of personalized art.

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