Art is one thing which appeals to everyone’s liking irrespective of their age, gender or nationality. Since time immemorial, people have been using art in different forms to beautify their spaces. Right from murals painted on the walls of castles to the exquisite hand paintings done outside a house constructed of adobe, adding art to one’s home is a very old tradition. This custom has become intrinsic to humans and we are working on enhancing our spaces as per our liking. We have an added advantage in comparison to our ancestors in the form of a plethora of decorative items which are available in today’s times and one such article is art prints.

Unlike its painting counterparts, canvas prints are beautiful, easy to find and inexpensive. You can find a huge range of prints in different designs and themes which can elevate the appeal of your space manifolds. However, even after knowing about this powerful item, many people refrain from incorporating one into their spaces with the sole apprehension that it might give a cheap look to their space. If you also think alike, then this blog will burst your bubble. Today, I am bringing in front of you some clever and effective ways in which you can miraculously transform inexpensive wall prints look like a million bucks.

  • Touch-up the walls:
    If you want to make prints look beautiful and classy, then it is vital to ensure that they are placed on a proper and smooth background. Wherever you are thinking to place the print, touch-up that wall and ensure that there is no blemish or dullness on it. You will be surprised to see how beautiful the print looks immediately after re-painting the wall. This has to be the primary step before hanging up any piece of art.
  • Improve the lighting:
    Ask any interior designer and he will let you know the vital role played by lighting in creating a distinctive feel within a space. Adequate illumination can help make even the most basic of canvas prints look like a work of Da Vinci! All you need to do is adjust the light source, colour and brightness to a level which perfectly complements your art print and helps in enhancing its visual appeal to a great extent.
  • Strategic placement of mirrors:
    One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of mirrors when it comes to beautifying the space. Mirrors not only help in adding an element of beauty, but also reflect light which gives the illusion of space. In addition to this, mirrors also help in attaining that classy look. So, if you are looking forward to making your canvas prints look expensive, then try placing framed mirrors around it. They will heighten the appeal of the space while making it look way more expensive than what it actually is.
  • Inject a bit of nature:
    There is nothing as exclusive as nature itself. If you happen to place your art print above a shelf or near an entrance, then try adding some greenery in the immediate surroundings. There is nothing as soothing as green plants around the house. These will not only help you in achieving that chic look, but will enhance the overall beauty of the entire space. Indoor plants are low on maintenance and are a good option for placing around items in order to prettify them.
  • Hanging art prints in groups:
    What is better than one art print? Two of them! Canvas prints can look beautiful in a group if chosen appropriately. Play with different styles and colours. Hang them near a staircase in ascending order or on a shelf adjacent to each other. There are so many ways in which you can achieve a classic beauty by placing these piece strategically. However, if you are looking for a symmetrical look, then try to keep the size and frames in the exact same dimensions.  

Apart from the aforementioned ways, there are numerous other means through which you can make wall prints look expensive without breaking the bank. All you need to do is to think for a while and understand your décor. By doing so you will be able to comprehend the various ways in which you can incorporate inexpensive canvas prints. Remember to remain true to your taste and chuckle away the thought which says you can’t get that luxury look for less!