Most of us, who aren’t connoisseurs of art, fail to understand the beautiful message that an artist is trying to communicate. We feel that we aren’t equipped with the right kind of knowledge and expertise to critically appreciate a piece of artwork. This mental block refrains us from enjoying one of the finest of man’s creation— art. Studying art is necessary as it gives valuable insights into various cultures, beliefs, assumptions, and possibilities in different periods of time. In historical times artists used handmade brushes to carve out paintings on wood’s surface. However, the artists of today are spoilt for options, thanks to technology, and they are able to digitally produce paintings and art prints online. This paradigm shift has confused people relating to the way they identify art. This is creating major blockages in understanding art due to the vast majority of styles that are available. More choices mean more ambiguity and this is exactly what is happening with the new-age audience.

It is known to all that art is all about creativity. But what is the foundation of creativity? Well, it is critical thinking. If you are able to put yourself into a frame of mind that asks questions then, you are most probably heading in the right direction. When it comes to appreciating art, this factor plays an extremely vital role. In order to read between the lines and understand what the artist is actually trying to put forth, it is crucial to study art clearly and rationally. Independence is also a factor that holds immense power while trying to contemplate art. Passively gazing at a piece would seldom assist you in developing an understanding of art. Right from magnificent paintings to mesmerizing wall prints, every piece of art is beautiful and narrates a different story. If you wish to develop the required skillsets of critical thinking towards art then, here are some tips which can help you in unveiling the truth behind artworks.

  • Research:
    Before embarking on the journey of genuinely appreciating artworks, it is vital to develop a basic understanding regarding what art is. As a strong foundation is necessary to build a beautiful edifice, likewise, a definite understanding of basics is crucial in developing a considerate set of thoughts towards art. Preliminary research assists you in clearing out your basics which is extremely helpful in understanding things better. Whether it is about art during Renaissance or the digitally crafted wall prints of today, a thorough understanding would create a strong platform that would help you in placing your first step firmly on the ladder of art.
  • Describing the object in question:
    Once you have gained preliminary knowledge, the next best thing to do is to have a good look at the object. You must invest some time and try to identify the unsaid aspects of the painting. Genuine effort along with your basic understanding will empower you in breaking down the artwork and understanding what the artist is attempting to say. It is not important that you have to physically stand in front of the object to comprehend its true meaning. If you find a painting or art prints online, you can still understand their true meaning by dedicating time to decoding them.
  • Question personal assumptions and biases:
    If you dislike a certain piece of art then you must contemplate regarding the reasons for the same. A better understanding of your own self would help you identify your taste and preferences pertaining to art. Asking yourself questions is a great way to find any biases and prejudices that you might have. Only after you have challenged your preconceived notions, you would be able to identify the reasons regarding your taste and preferences. For instance, you might like wall prints or maybe landscape art might excite you, whatever the case be, seeking the reasons on a deeper personal level is important.
  • Misinterpretation and overthinking:
    Thinking is good, overthinking is hazardous. If you become overly critical about an art piece, you will end up misinterpreting it. Hence, you must refrain from becoming excessively cautious regarding an artwork. Look for beauty and answers but abstain from overthinking about it.

From the era of stone paintings of prehistoric times to the modern age paintings of today, there is no denial of the fact that art has transformed immensely since its inception. The basic idea and meaning of art that existed in history are entirely different from the way it is perceived today. Times have changed and so has the meaning of art. Now people are drifting towards paintings and art prints online as they provide a wider variety at affordable rates. Whatever your taste pertaining to art might be, the aforementioned tips would assist you in breaking down the complex portions of art and admiring the beauty which lies within.