Sculptures were the first art forms to come into existence. Humans have decorated their homes since the ancient ages where they used beautiful mud abodes that looked similar to sculptures. With time, these mud abodes evolved to becoming sculptures made of bricks. Today wooden, ceramic, metallic, and brass sculptures are available for home décor.

An eye-catchy sculpture placed in the right area enhances the décor making it attractive, reflecting the owner’s taste of style. This is the key reason more buyers are concerned about the right measures to take while buying sculptures. Pre-deciding the style, size, and position of the sculpture helps a lot in buying the best art.

Are you looking for some stunning Indian-style sculptures for your home decor? Are you unsure where to start from? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice. 

Lord Buddha Artwork

Determine your Needs

A sculpture depicts a figure of a person or a thing, thus pre-deciding its area of placement and its composition is indispensable to justify the statement of decor.

Every buyer should always determine her/his needs first. To find the right sculpture, think about your requirements and the style that suits your ambiance. You can choose an Indian sculpture by your favorite artist, or choose by type of composition that goes best with your interiors- wooden sculpture, metallic, ceramic, brass, etc.


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/untitled-7/6111

So, what do you choose? A bronze sculpture, a wooden one, or a marble one? Choose a durable and attractive sculpture depending on the area you plan to keep the artpiece in. Different spaces have different décor styles. Choice of sculpture for an open garden will drastically vary compared to the one being chosen for living room or a bathroom or an entryway.

If you are buying a sculpture for your garden décor, marble sculptures and wooden Buddha statues will look beautiful in open garden areas, so go for a huge-sized Buddha, and Ganesha sculptures by famous artists.

Select your Artist

Check out works by famous sculpture artists online like works of Rajesh Deoria, Ravi Sharma, Kandi Narsimlu, etc., and gain knowledge about their style of art. There are certain sculpture art styles that you may love the most. A recce of the famous sculpture artists will help you understand your taste and subsequently the artist you would want to go with.


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/tribal-lady-with-saxophone/3640

The artists who are known in the market are reliable and can help you with some stunning durable collections. 

Research Well

If you are planning to bring home some stunning Indian sculptures, it is integral to research well to end up with the best choice of collections.

Ganesh statue artwork

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/ganesh/2310

Take notes of the things that interest you and look for similar sculptures on multiple websites. Think of your taste to make the final decision. Since the Indian style of art depicts Indian civilization, so if you have an interest in the Indian expression of art, go for art pieces by Rameshwar Broota, Anish Kapoor, Krishen Khanna, Raqib Shaw, etc. 

Do not panic if you have a contemporary interior, these Indian-styled sculptures help adorn the most modern homes alluringly.

Think of the Budget

While researching the type, size, shape, and form of sculpture to purchase, remember that budget is an important constraint. Sculpture collectors often do not think much about the budget as they consider it as an investment. However, if you are buying sculptures for the first time, scrolling across multiple websites and by reaching out to exhibitions and galleries, you can save a lot of money. 

The price of sculptures varies with size, type, and artist, so buy one that suits your budget and of course your décor. Even if you are buying with an aim of investment, make sure you check several websites to crack the best deal. 

Imagine the Décor

Numerous Indian sculptures tell us about the Indus Valley Civilization. Such traditional art pieces need an adjacent décor to maximize the effect, so before buying, think of your décor style and the vibe you want.

artwork baggi

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/baggi/2311

If you are confused about the décor style with Indian sculptures, we have some ideas to help:

  1. Place a ‘Baggi’ sculpture like the above one in your living rooms adjacent to the furniture.
  2. A tribal art sculpture can go well for corner decor.
  3. You can place a traditional Indian-style sculpture of Buddha or a Hindu deity facing the entrance. It intends to bring in positive energy.
  4. Place a Buddha sculpture on your child’s desk or the study room’s wall to introduce auspiciousness.
  5. Use a contemporary or a traditional style Ganesha sculpture for your office decor.
  6. A huge sized laughing Buddha sculpture can adorn your living space splendidly too. 

Wrap Up:

The key to a beautifully embellished space is choosing the right sculpture as per the area’s décor style. It is advised to not oversaturate your area with multiple pieces at the same place, contrarily, use single large pieces as the signature element of your space. 

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