With each passing moment, where the idea of digitization is growing, you can sell paintings online with utmost ease. While the whole world is turning towards online platforms- businesses like that of Art Galleries have seen this change too. As per the statistics, various galleries have made a majority of sales of Indian oil paintings and other types of art through online platforms. 

More and more art fans are becoming accustomed to purchasing art online, ranging from high-priced fine art to specialized crafts. The creative arts have been slower to embrace online sales than other businesses, but that has altered in the last five years. Many artists are also foregoing galleries completely, opting to sell their work directly online instead of going via a middleman.

The choices can be daunting when there are so many possibilities available for every type of art. We've decided to assist in the narrowing of the field by discussing the ins and outs of the greatest online art selling channels. That way, you can relax and concentrate on building a wonderful website and marketing your art to the rest of the world.

Don't know how to sell paintings on the internet? Or where should you begin? We've got you covered, don't worry. Scroll down to see where we recommend you put your artwork up for sale.

Sell Art On Your Own Online Store- Sell Paintings Online With Indian Art Ideas 

If you are ready to sell paintings online- Indian Art Ideas can help you do that! Whether you are an artist, an artifact seller, or an art collector- this is the right platform for you to sell your Indian oil paintings and other arts. 

Indianartideas.in is a fantastic art platform that not only allows you to sell your works of art to people all over the world, but also brings together current communities of art purveyors, collectors, specialists, and artists.

We encourage promising new artists to display their ability on our dynamic platform, in addition to collaborating with known Indian masters. Indian Art Ideas has a massive collection of 15000+ artworks, paintings, and sculptures from all genres of art, including abstract, modern, traditional, folk, and more, with over 1500 artists putting their work up for sale.

It's a lot easier to sell paintings online now, thanks to the multitude of options accessible. And if you want to make money as an artist, you can make a lot of money. However, because these chances are strewn all across the internet, figuring out the best approach to get started can be difficult and perplexing. But don't be concerned!

Our diligent support staff offers assistance at every step of your artwork's journey, from worthwhile clients expressing interest to final delivery and payment! Selling art through us is extremely convenient, as our diligent support staff offers assistance at every step of your artwork's journey, from worthwhile clients expressing interest to final delivery and payment!

How to register with Indian Art Ideas if you are an artist?

If you wish to register with us as an artist and start to sell paintings online- reach out to us on the artist icon. Once you click on the same, a form will open with the name ‘Artist Registration’. Post this, follow three simple steps to complete the details:

  1. In the first step, you need to fill in the basic information. This part includes your details such as name, address, email IDs, and mobile numbers. 

  2. Name, photo (width or length of 800 pixels), full bio-data (educational qualifications, passions, achievements, awards, etc.) are all examples of profile information. (Note: Don't forget to list the information of any exhibitions or shows you've seen.)

  3. Upload Art, in which you must upload 5 high-resolution photographs of your artworks. The photos should have a width or length of 1200 pixels.

Check to see if the artwork you're uploading has already been sold. You can add specifics and details to each artwork, such as category, art style, shipping condition, title, and price. You choose the price for your art, and we'll utilize our experience to market it to the proper buyers and collectors. In a maximum of 7-8 working days, our Art Curation team will examine your application and let you know if we can feature your work on Indianartideas.


How to register with Indian Art ideas If you are an Artifact Seller?

Click on the Artifact Seller icon if you wish to register with us as one. This will direct you to the page for ‘Artifact Seller registration’. Once it's done- fill in the following details:

  1. Name

  2. Contact details

  3. Brief description of the business 

  4. Upload the image of the artifact ( Width or Length - 800 Pixels)


Check to see if the artifact you're uploading hasn't already been sold.

That's it! Your work of art is now exposed to a diverse and discriminating audience! Selling after registration acceptance becomes extremely convenient for both artists and artifact sellers. When an art collector buys your piece, we will notify you. In this situation, all you have to do is package and ship the artwork according to the basic standards provided. Greetings! You're finished! It's time to kick back and unwind.

After the buyer confirms safe and orderly delivery of the artwork, your payment will be granted within 15 working days.

How to register with Indian Art ideas If you are an Art Collector?

If you are a Collector, you will be registered on the website as soon as you sign up. Now, click on your account name, which is shown in the upper right corner of the row of tabs, to access your Collector's Dashboard. Click the 'Upload an Artwork' tab under the option 'Resell Your Art' in the Collector's Dashboard. This will take you to the 'Post An Artwork' page, where you must:

  1. Upload a photo of a piece of art from your collection that you want to sell. 

  2. Fill in other details such as category, subject, art style, shipping information, title, and listed price with the name of the Artist

  3. Fill in other details such as category, subject, art style, shipping information, title, and listed price with the name of the Artist

  4. Fill in other details such as category, subject, art (Collectors should carefully examine the commission charge information on the page to avoid any misunderstandings.) 

  5. More information on the object, such as its size, medium, surface, and a brief description of the piece, should be included. 

  6. Upload the Authenticity Certificate, which verifies the artwork's authenticity. (Without the authenticity certificate, no artwork will be approved.)

Why Should You Sell Paintings Online With Us?

Indian Art Ideas not only gives art enthusiasts a vast array of appealing and aesthetic paintings, but it also allows artists to brighten up their life's canvas by focusing on what they do best, which is creativity!

For all of you hidden gems still looking for a reliable online marketplace to sell your paintings, our site is a gold mine. Easy account access and simplified chat assistance are always accessible to answer any of your questions quickly.

We provide a terrific setting for renowned artists who want to use a reputable internet platform to diversify their patron base and gain greater acclaim and fame, in addition to our emerging-artist-centric attitude.

We empower our artists by providing them with a small webpage on our art portal, complete with a personalized Login and Password, which they can use to manage their artworks as they see fit. You can upload as many works as you want and adjust the price according to your estimation of their worth.

For additional information about commissions, please contact us at [email protected]. You gain an advantage by factoring in the cost of shipping and commission when determining the price of the art. You can also sell prints of your paintings on the internet.

We are a well-known online platform that is well-known for having a large inventory of beautiful artwork for sale. When it comes to promoting the work of our artists and resellers, our staff leave no space for error. We use the internet and social media to reach the right demographic of purchasers to sell paintings. Relevant prospects are routed through to your art by our SEO and content team.

We envision India's rich history of art inspiring prolific innovation, and we believe it is our job to spread our country's culture around the world. We accomplish this by properly promoting our artists and their work. The goal of our project is to resurrect the golden age of Indian art.

Wrap up:

Making money by selling paintings online has become an easy task to do! You just need to get started with your Indian oil paintings. Rest, leave it up to us! We are the one-stop destination for you to make great money while following your passion. Don't limit yourself to one site while attempting to sell paintings online; instead, be proactive and strive to broaden your possibilities. Because each online channel runs slightly differently, its attraction to different consumers differs as well. As a result, joining a few online platforms will help you reach a bigger audience while also providing greater convenience and more options for purchasers.