Before you take the initiative to sell paintings online,  it is time to get familiar with the required marketing plan that the online platforms and exerts use to help you sell art. While we are planning to learn about it- you must know that to sell art online marketing plan is known to create awareness for brands and explain to the target audience about the various kinds of Indian paintings available- such as Lord shiva paintings and other traditional Indian art. 

To start with a successful marketing plan, you must understand the audience that you wish to target and come up with a variety of strategies to reach out to them personally. While the whole process looks intimidating, you will realize the idea of simplicity it holds!

Start Selling Your Art Within No Time!

sell art online

All of my suggestions to sell art online fall into one of two categories: online or offline art sales.

I'm focused on the "greatest, biggest, and simplest" possibilities for artists in my web suggestions. Yes, there are dozens of smaller websites and businesses that assist artists in selling their work online. If you're a member of such a group or association and it's working for you, that's fantastic! Continue to make use of it.

However, for many artists who are new to the world of art sales, those smaller sites will not be the greatest places to start selling. Using a larger, more established online venue speeds up and simplifies the setup procedure, as well as allows you to access more buyers.

Websites For Auctions

Online auctions can be a good place to start if you're new to selling art. The majority of them are simple to use (I'll pick two of the finest) and allow you to register a free account. Just keep an eye out for listing fees, transaction fees, final value fees, and other hidden costs.

The costs are often small—around 3% or less—but they pile up. Don't be surprised if your first few sales are barely profitable. That's what occurred to me until I had enough data to compute all of the costs more correctly and alter my prices as appropriate. 

You can list 50 products every month right now, as I write this article. You don't have to pay anything unless an item sells. You'll be charged a listing fee and maybe a selling fee if you sell something, so keep that in mind. On eBay, you may also perform fixed-price sales (Buy It Now).

Donations and advertising help to keep Webstore.com running. There is an ad at the top of every page, which can be bothersome, but it also means that there are no listing costs, final value fees, or commissions.

It's as simple to create an account as it is on eBay. You only have to fill out one page of information, and you don't have to provide any financial information.

Marketplaces On The Internet

Indian paintings


Unlike auction sites, there is no bidding when you submit your artwork for sale on an online marketplace. In addition, items are frequently posted for longer periods. Although auction items are only active for a week or ten days, your postings on other sites may be active for weeks or months, or until the item sells.

The top pick for this category is Amazon. Amazon Art combines all of your favourite Amazon features with the art-selling experience. The landing page interface is large and bold, with simple category navigation. You can search for things based on media, subject, size, colour, and price. And because Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace, your art might be seen by anybody.

If you already have an Amazon account (who doesn't?) Signing up and completing out the necessary documents is all it takes to get started. Amazon requires a lot of information, from basic contact information to payment information, making it more complicated than most. It's not as simple as Etsy or eBay, but it's more straightforward than some internet galleries.

Art Galleries On The Internet

sell paintings online


Digital galleries are run in the same way as physical galleries are. Then select applicants by jurying or curating them, and they advertise them through exclusive email lists, collaborations, and sponsorships. If they charge an application fee, it's usually a tiny one that's used to "pre-screen" applicants. Just make sure you read and understand the application requirements completely to avoid being denied for a minor oversight.

The commission rates are equal to those of brick-and-mortar galleries (up to 50%), but purchases are made through the online gallery. Most artists package and send their work themselves, however, some of the better online galleries provide packaging boxes to make your life easier.

Out of all the online art galleries to sell art, the one that is on the top of the list is Indian Art Ideas. This digital gallery is your one-stop step to sell art online. The online art gallery tends to cater to Indian Paintings and their artists who are starting their very new careers. With us, you can share five of your best works along with the basic information that is necessary for us to know. Once everything is verified from our end it will be decided if you become our verified seller or not.

Social Media 

sell art

The majority of social media platforms were not created to sell art in mind. Instead, they're frequently utilized to send people from your social media profiles to areas where you already have paintings for sale (such as your website or auction site). Sales should be conducted through private emails or your point-of-sale channel rather than on social media.

Furthermore, while it is free and simple to begin marketing your art on practically any social media platform, you must be familiar with the platform's guidelines to avoid being flagged as spam or, worse, being booted off the platform (yes, that does happen). On the site of your choosing, look up standards for proper social media etiquette. It may go without saying, but to create revenue, you'll need followers. As a result, selling through social media may take longer than other methods.

While we have explored various options to sell art online, let us also learn how we can move towards a successful full-time business by selling Indian art online!

Tips To Increase Your Business By Selling Indian Art Online

Selling Indian Art Online

Tip #1: Make your art as good as it possibly can be.

Many artists make the mistake of trying to sell too quickly these days because it's so easy to get started selling.

Before making a single sale, you don't need to be an expert in your medium, but you do need to have made enough art to be sure of its value. You must also be able to examine a completed component and determine whether or not it is complete, as well as how to complete it if it is not.

Tip #2: To sell your art, only use the best photographs.

If you're selling something online, the image you upload will be the only one people see. Photos of artwork should be well-lit and cropped to show only the artwork. The colours should be as true as possible, and photos should be of good quality. You can always lower the resolution, but increasing it while processing the image is never a smart idea.

Tip #3: Use descriptive language.

Describe the work you're offering for sale. Include the following information:

Medium-sized (oil, watercolour, pastel, etc.)

Encouragement (canvas, paper, wood, etc.)

Original or reproduction (and, if a reproduction, open or limited edition)?


Whether framed or unframed

The piece's inspiration or backstory

That last one can make all the difference... revealing the story behind the art can help people connect with it and lead to a sale.

Tip #4: Ship sold things as soon as possible.

Delivery delays are more likely to harm your reputation as a vendor than anything else. The best shipping time is two to three days.

Although there are times when delays are unavoidable, this should not be your usual operating process. Notify your buyer right away if there are any delays. When calculating delivery schedules, remember to include in time for preparing your artwork for the packaging.

How To Sell Art Paintings online with Indian Art Ideas?

How To Sell Art Paintings online

If you are an artist who is keen to sell art online to art collectors and lovers, Indian Art Ideas is your go-to website. 

Or you are a professional art seller who is looking for a safe platform to sell paintings and art online and the one who can create a unique set of work for everyone to witness. Also, if you are an art collector who wishes to seek a platform that can help you to buy or sell art online - Indian Art Ideas is your place!

Indianartideas. in is a fantastic art platform that not only allows you to sell your works of art to people all over the world, but also brings together current communities of art purveyors, collectors, specialists, and artists.

We encourage promising new artists to display their ability on our dynamic platform, in addition to collaborating with known Indian masters. Indian Art Ideas has a massive collection of 15000+ artworks, paintings, and sculptures from all genres of art, including abstract, modern, traditional, folk, and more, with over 1500 artists putting their work up for sale.

Our devoted support staff assists at every step of your artwork's journey, from worthy clients expressing interest to final delivery and payment, making selling art with us quite straightforward.

Let us get into a little detail to ensure how can you get yourself registered with Indian Art Ideas! 

As An Artist

An Artist

Click the Artist icon to register as an artist and begin selling your work to buyers all over the world.

This will take you to the page for "Artist registration." After that, you only have to execute three simple actions to get the needed information:

step 1: Provide basic information, such as your name, address, email address, and phone number.

step 2: Profile Information, including your name, a photograph (width or length of 800 pixels), and full biographical information, such as educational qualifications, passions, achievements, and awards, among other things.

(Note: Don't forget to list the information of any exhibitions or shows you've seen.)

step 3: Upload Art, which requires you to upload 5 high-resolution photos of your artwork. The photos should have a width or length of 1200 pixels.


Check to see if the artwork you're uploading has already been sold.

You can add specifics and details to each artwork, such as category, art style, shipping condition, title, and price. You choose the price for your art, and we'll utilize our experience to market it to the proper buyers and collectors.

In a maximum of 7-8 working days, our Art Curation team will examine your application and let you know if we can feature your work on Indianartideas.

For Art Sellers

 Art Sellers

Click the Artefact Seller symbol if you want to become an Artefact Seller.

This will take you to the page for "Artefact Seller Registration." Now all you have to do is fill in the following information:

  • Name and contact information

  • Describe your company in a few words

  • Upload an image of the artefact that is 800 pixels wide or long).

Check to see if the artefact you're uploading hasn't already been sold. That's it! Your work of art is now exposed to a diverse and discriminating audience!

Selling after registration acceptance becomes extremely convenient for both artists and artefact sellers.

When an art collector buys your piece, we will notify you. In this situation, all you have to do is package and ship the artwork according to the basic standards provided.

After the buyer confirms safe and orderly delivery of the artwork, your payment will be granted within 15 working days.

For Collectors 

For Collectors

If you are a Collector, you will be registered on the website as soon as you sign up.

Now, click on your account name, which is shown in the upper right corner of the row of tabs, to access your Collector's Dashboard.

Click the 'Upload an Artwork' tab under the option 'Resell Your Art' in the Collector's Dashboard.

This will take you to the 'Post An Artwork' page, where you must:

  • Upload a photo of a piece of art from your collection that you want to sell. 

  • Fill in other details such as category, subject, art style, shipping information, title, and listed price with the name of the ArtistFill in other details such as category, subject, art style, shipping information, title, and listed price with the name of the Artist

  • Fill in other details such as category, subject, art (Collectors should carefully examine the commission charge information on the page to avoid any misunderstandings.) 

  • More information on the object, such as its size, medium, surface, and a brief description of the piece, should be included. 

  • Upload the Authenticity Certificate, which verifies the artwork's authenticity. (Without the authenticity certificate, no artwork will be approved.)

And with that, you've finished presenting your valued work for other art collectors to view and purchase!

Some of the commonly asked FAQs are mentioned below! Get all your queries answered with us:

Which website is best to sell paintings online?

There are various websites available to sell art online. One of the best websites is Indiansrtideas.in With them, you get all kinds of Indian paintings, traditional Indian art paintings, and various kinds of mythological paintings such as Lord Shiva paintings. You can reach out to them to sell art at the rates that you de


Can you make money selling paintings online?

Yes, you can great money by selling paintings online. While you struggle professionally, let the inner artist help you grow. Sell paintings online with indianartideas.in and get the best cost for your hard work and passion!


How can I sell my artwork online?

You can sell artwork online through various means such as- 

  1. Social media

  2. E-commerce websites

  3. Online art galleries, etc. 

You can sell art online with Indianartideas.in

They have a team of experts and professionals who are well-trained to assist you with great deals on your paintings. Whether you have contemporary art or have lord shiva paintings- they can help you sell all at once!


3 Best Ways To Sell Your paintings online in 2022

There are various ways to sell your art and get paid well. The five best ways to do so are:

  1. Sell art through the Facebook market. With an amazing reach, sell Indian art with Facebook. This is not only a cheap medium but a hassle-free way too. 

  2. Selling on your very own Instagram page! Creating your very own page and start reaching out to your target audience and selling them directly is an easy task. 

  3. E-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart will also help your increase your sale. While there is great competition, making sure that you get good deals is easy with them.