Like the wind that can’t be seen but felt, Shiva is the ultimate source of cosmic energy that creates everything in this universe.

Hinduism, for long, has been glorifying the spectaculars of Lord Shiva. He is one of the three deities that comprise the holy trinity of Hinduism alongside Vishnu and Brahma.

There is a difference between other deities worshipped in India and Shiva.

All the other deities were traditional and sometimes too perfect or too ambiguous to comprehend with.

Shiva, on the other hand, is full of flaws and natural instincts – he is the kind of character people often are able to relate with.

For instance, you all must have encountered Ganesha painting or a family portrait of Shiva with his family, where Parvati is seen sitting by his side and children on his lap.

This proves that Shiva, despite being a sage and a yogi, is also a family man.   

The fact that a major part of Shiva’s narration pinpoints his relationships with his closed ones is what makes this deity more understandable to people.

For instance, the clash of Shiva and Daksha is the typical father-in-law and son-in-law conflict that happens with many.

This is what makes people look for Shiva paintings more than ever.

Here are some reasons that compel people to purchase artworks of Lord Shiva:

The all-embracing Shiva

Unlike other deities that are praised by Gods and feared by devils, Shiva is the one deity that is loved by all.

His followers aren’t just Gods but also the demons, goblins, ghouls, devils, etc. This indicates that the one who is rejected by everyone is accepted by Shiva.

Many artists have drawn dazzling scenes of Shiva’s wedding ceremony. The attendants were anyone and everyone, famous and unknown, good and bad, demons and gods, devils and ghosts, snakes, etc.

These creatures despite the enmity with each other attended the wedding ceremony without any trouble.  Along with them, all the animals too came to attend the wedding because Shiva is also titled as ‘Pashupatinath’ – the lord of all the animals and nature.

In a nutshell, the wedding ceremony of Shiva and Goddess Parvati was attended by every living creature that existed on this earth including.

Artists, from centuries, have been depicting this all-inclusive and encompassing nature of Shiva through captivating paintings and artworks.

After all, Shiva is consciousness in its purest form – he is spontaneous, creative, ingenious, and he is nothing but everything.

A man who embodies feminine

Typically, if you will talk to a religious expert or a scholar, he will describe Shiva as a symbol of masculinity.

However, out of several manifestations of Shiva, ‘Ardhanarishvara’, the form where he is as half man and half woman is quite explicit and ecstatic.

The narration goes with Parvati wanting to experience the trance in which Shiva was always submerged in.

To this, Shiva made Parvati sit on his lap and eventually make her as half of himself. This transition is not physical but spiritual and consciously-backed.

A lot of Shiva paintings depict his Ardhanarishvara form with vivacious motifs and vibrant appeal.

The true interpretation of this painting is that a human soul is perfectly balanced if it embraces both of its inner self – the masculine and the feminist.

In simpler words, the perfect trance state can be acquired when the inner masculine and feminist part eventually blend with each other.

An Enchanting Dancer

CERN, the prodigious physics laboratory in the world, have Shiva’s Nataraja artifact placed at the entrance.

This is so because even CERN physicists believe that there is nothing closer to what they have been trying to do – to decipher our universe.

The dancing posture of Shiva is an indication of swiftly transforming universe around us. This ecstatic pose of Shiva represents the perpetual bumping of matter and energy into each other.

A lot of Shiva paintings and artifacts have depicted Nataraja form vivaciously. This dance of Shiva is often regarded as the dance of creation.

Having such artworks placed in home or workplace offers an extensive view of how our world is expanding and collapsing, all at the same time.

Blissfully Yours

Shiva, the first yogi who walked this face of the earth, is also known for its intoxication and drunkard state despite being a respectful and worshipped sage.

He meditates impeccably. It is said that when Shiva is submerged in his transcendence state, he is not aware of anything but the truth.

This keeps him away from everything else but the consciousness that exists everywhere. At the same time, he is also in a state of being drunk and high.

This doesn’t mean that Shiva used to drink alcohol.

Adiyogi – the tag Shiva got because he introduced the world to the Yogic science. Shiva discovered 84000 possible human posture through which we can attain the highest level of consciousness.

He simplified and finally gave 84 postures as we know today in Yogic culture.

So, through Yogic science, it is possible to accomplish a level of extreme ecstasy and blissfulness while being indulged in a meditative state.

It is even proven by science that if our brain produces anandamide, a chemical released in our mind that can stone us to an extreme level.

The Last Insurgent

Today, the world is classified on the basis of religion.

You say something and instantaneously you are tagged with religion because that’s how people are judged today.

Even though Shiva is often attached with Hinduism, the true meaning is way more than that.

Shiva is not a noun but an adjective and a verb.

If you really wish to attain Shiva, all you have to do is train your mind and body to break the physical barriers and be the part of the oneness that floats around.

Shiva isn’t a religion but a state that anyone can accomplish if look to.

We have to comprehend that our human body has limitations and Yogic science put up by Shiva offers a number of possibilities through which we can cross the physical palisade and enter the ecstatic transcendence state.

So, don’t worship Shiva but join him.

Ending Statement

We have tried to sum up a few reasons because of which Shiva paintings are in high demand in the market.

If you have any questions regarding the state of Shiva or where can you buy mesmerizing artworks of Shiva, reach us in the comment section below.