Lord Shiva is the revered deity of Hindus. He is allocated the highest cathedra in Hindu religion. We say so, as he is known as ‘The Lord of the Lords’. The deity is known for many of his forms and incarnations and the tales pertaining to his valor, wisdom, and anger are endless. Perhaps, this is the reason why the believers of Lord Shiva love sprucing their homes with Shiva paintings and idols. In fact, who would not want to integrate such positivity in his house? Placing at least one of such paintings is highly recommendable. It is auspicious not just according to astrology but science as well. 

Nevertheless, some of you might be having one such painting or some might be planning to buy one. Isn’t it? Have you seen the elements that are present in every painting of Shiva? The trident, the drum, the bull and every other element present means something. Well, do you know what all of these mean?

If not, keep reading this blog as we unravel the implied meaning of elements present in Lord Shiva paintings. Take a look.

The Drum-

The basic connotation of a drum would be sound but that is not it. The drum that Shiva holds tells the process of creation. It is believed that this drum symbolizes universe and the process of creation. They say it shows that just like the drum collapses and expands, the process of creation also happens this way. Like the heartbeat is formed with certain rhythms, the whole universe also has a rhythm of its own. Moreover, the drum just proves what the quantum physics say.

 The Bull-

Nandi is considered as the one who beholds truth and righteousness. As per the belief of the Hindus, the Shiva paintings that show him riding the bull signify that the rider of truth and honesty- lord Shiva himself stands with those who do good deeds.


There are three states of being conscious- dreaming, waking and sleeping. The trident symbolizes these three states of consciousness. It also signifies that the almighty can destroy the pain that would either be ethereal, spiritual or physical. It is to show that Shiva controls the universe and every being living on it. Because he has control over all the states of consciousness, he can relieve all the three kinds of pains that happen due to them. To be precise, the ultimate power lies in the hand of this supreme power.


The serpent around the neck of Lord Shiva in Shiva paintings or idols are to show his alertness and awareness. Even when he is meditating, he knows what is happening around him. This shows the inner state of consciousness, a state where there is no action but alertness. It seems like he is sleeping but he is aware of all the happenings.

River Ganga flowing from the head-

River Ganges is considered to be very serene, pure and divine. Many religious beliefs and sacred feelings of Hindus are attached to this river. The river flowing from his head shows how he imbibes universe in himself. The knowledge and power he holds in immortal just like the infinite water of Ganges. Moreover, when this is shown flowing from his head, it tells how pure and giving he is. It literally means Lord Shiva has the knowledge that purifies the soul. The knowledge is as liberating, freeing and purifying as the holy water of Ganges. 

Blue Skin Color-

Lord Shiva in actuality has no tangible form. He is a supreme form of energy who has been given a form by the ancient saints so that the ordinary people like us can recognize him. The color blue was chosen as the skin color as no other color can denote calmness and eternity better. The blue color is also the color of the sky, thus denoting that he is present everywhere.

Now that you know what all the basic elements in Lord Shiva paintings mean, you know how necessary it is to place them in your house. It is advisable to hang a painting of Shiva meditating in the study rooms or the rooms where you worship. Besides, you should hang Indian artworks that show Shiva in a dancing pose, in the room where you dance, if you have one.

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