Gifts are a way of expressing your gratitude and love to the people you think deserve something special. Indian people are known to offer gifts to their loved ones on each special occasion.

It is not a formidable duty, but a practice, which is being followed by the people because they want to express their love. In the deepest of feelings, offering or receiving a gift is a small way to present that gesture.

What do you often gift? Does it vary according to the occasion? Or do you emphasise on something particular?

If you ask me, since I am an art aficionado, I love to gift some exquisite paintings to my friends and family.

Like on an occasion of New Year, I thought of gifting my parents one of the dazzling pieces of Lord Shiva paintings. I thought it would be a perfect gift for them. They hung it on their living room’s wall.

Typically, paintings form the best the option as a gift. I truly believe that the calmness and purity in thoughts that a graceful painting offers to your room’s aura are unmatchable.

But, people do have their own choices. This blog, however, is scribbled to offer you the reasons that would tell you why these alluring and scintillating paintings make the best gift for every occasion.

Let’s begin:

Beyond the time

Suppose it’s your brother’s wedding anniversary and you cannot decide on what you want to gift him.

You can choose an I-Pad, a wrist watch pair or any other item. Now, I am telling you to think of gifting an astounding painting of Shiva Parvati.

You must be thinking “How can it be better than an I-Pad or a pair of wrist watch?”

Let me clear the air for you. See, an I-Pad after sometime will be boring to you, a pair of watches will be replaced in few years.

But when you offer one of the exquisite and exclusive Lord Shiva paintings, it becomes a gift that would remain forever with them.

A religious character based paintings as such would smoothen the ambience of your brother’s home and spruce up the wall space.

Paintings are a form of art. An art is supposed to be unaffected by time. You can see those examples in the traditional art paintings that survived hundreds of years and multiple dynasties to reach here.

Similarly, paintings are supposed to be timeless as these keep on adorning your room and purify your thoughts on a daily basis.  

A gift that reflects your feelings

If you gift something materialistic to your loved ones like a new mobile phone, sure they would be happy, for a couple of weeks or months. What after that?

In few months or years span, your gift will be replaced by something better that comes up in the market (considering how swiftly the advanced versions of phones are coming).

Paintings, on the other hand, are not replicable.

When you gift a painting to your loved ones, you are offering your emotions to them. This painting is going to be a part of their life, not in the materialistic sense, but in the real sense.

Doesn’t matter if a better painting comes up, they would never feel to remove and replace. Why?

By that time, it would already become a part of their life and feelings.

When I saw a painting, with every sway of the brush, and every stroke of colours, I can feel my emotions waving up and down. That’s the beautiful feeling you have while looking at a mesmerising piece of art.

Enhances life

It is important to get motivated in life every now and then.

Like, if you wake up early morning and see the laptop gifted to you, would you feel inspired?

You might feel happy (in the beginning), but eventually, it would stop.

On the other hand, if you wake up and see one of the Lord Shiva Paintings or Bhagavad Geetha paintings, you would feel motivated to be great in your life.

These are the idols we know were so great that we call them Gods. Who doesn’t get inspired by them?

That’s the beauty of an astonishing painting. You always feel motivated.

Becomes valuable with time

Perhaps, nothing else than a painting can be a gift that would become more valuable as it gets older.

This would a great gift for anyone you love. A watch, laptop, I-Pad, car, anything would become less valuable with time; not art.

Wrapping up

I just tried to tell you the essence that a gorgeous painting has to offer. Try it yourself. Next time you see a sign saying “Indian art for sale”, go and check it out.

See the emotions in the waves of colours and see how relaxing it makes you when you connect with a painting. I would say again, Paintings make the best gift, be it festivals or any occasions.

They keep you in memory always, because your gift is purely timeless. Thanks!