Shiva in Shiva Paintings is known to be a space of stillness and sheer silence. When you are centred, you notice that there is Divinity all around you. In meditation, this is what happens.

Shiva, in most  of the Shiva Paintings, is the meditative state that exists beyond the states of waking, deep sleep, and dreams.

Shiva is the non-dual consciousness that exists everywhere.

Shiva is the chidanandarupa awareness, which is perfect happiness. This blissful, pure state of consciousness, or Shiva, can be known via forbearance and yoga, tapo-yoga-gamya, according to a Sanskrit line. Shiva cannot be experienced without yoga.

Shiva Paintings And Its Symbolic Meaning

This silent realm of innocence and pleasure is reflected in beautiful shapes and hues throughout India's rich culture. Let's look at art that uses line and symbol to try to paint the formless. What do the symbols imply, and what do they represent?

Shiva's skin is blue.

Blue, like the sky, implies limitless. Blue represents the all-encompassing infinity that has no boundaries or shapes. Knowledge has no physical form, but it can be found in every particle of the universe. Shiva pervades the entire universe. Infinity was thus represented by the colour blue.

The lunar crescent

Wisdom is beyond the intellect, but it must be articulated through the mind. This is what the crescent moon represents.

There is "no-mind" in the Shiva experience. The moon represents the mind. How may the state of "no-mind" be expressed? The infinite consciousness requires a small amount of intellect to express itself in the manifest world. As a result, the crescent moon represents the sliver of intellect required to articulate the inexpressible.

Shiva's Bull

The bull has long been seen as a symbol of justice in India. The bull-riding Shiva merely implies that when you are righteous and true, the infinite, innocent consciousness resides with you.

The third ocular chakra

The knowledge that is beyond the grasp of the senses is represented by Shiva's third eye. The knowledge we acquire through our sense organs is one type, while knowledge beyond the restricted awareness of the senses, represented by the third eye, is another. The third eye is the place of awakened wisdom and understanding.

The damru, Shiva's drum

Shiva's drum, known as damru, represents the expanding and contracting universe. It expands, collapses, and then expands again. This is the creation and destruction process. Your heartbeat is not a single straight line when you look at it. It's a rhythm that rises and falls.

Ganga River in the Indian Paintings 

The Ganges River represents knowledge—knowledge that purifies your spirit. The heart represents love, while the head represents knowledge. The Ganges is seen flowing down from Shiva's matted hair. The River Ganges should have come from Shiva's heart if it was love. The water, on the other hand, flows down from the head, denoting understanding.

Shiva SItying on the Tiger Skin Seat

Ascetics in ancient times used the skins of animals that had died naturally rather than by being killed. There are soft cushions accessible today, but there were none in ancient times. To keep their energy from seeping into the ground, they used to sit on animal skins. It is not, however, required to sit on animal skins. Imagine if everyone who meditates now started using deer or tiger skins; there would be insufficient for everyone!

The serpent

Shiva is a meditative state in which all that exists is the inner sky of consciousness.

There is alertness but no action in this stage.

When one's eyes are closed during meditation, it appears that the individual is sleeping. He is not, however, sleeping, but rather awake.

The snake's form is shown around Shiva's neck to indicate this attentiveness and express this level of consciousness.

The trinity

The three stages of consciousness represented by Shiva's trident are waking, dreaming, and sleep. Holding a trident denotes that Shiva's state is greater than all three states while simultaneously encompassing them.

The three gunas, or attributes of positivity, activity, and repose, are also represented by Shiva's trident (sattva, rajas, and tamas). Consciousness exists outside of the three qualities, yet it also connects them.

The dance of Shiva 

Most famous Shivva Paintings have seen him in his favourite avatar of the Nataraj. The essence behind which is absolutely beautiful and unique. In the dance, one of Shiva's hands is put in the abhaya mudra, or brave gesture. It implies that there is nothing to be afraid of. Don't be concerned about anything. Be cheerful.

The second hand reaches across the dance floor and bends slightly downwards, pointing to the dancers' feet. What exactly does that imply? It translates to "Dance!" Rejoice and rejoice! In life, be humble, but proudly walk with your head held high. An arrogant person is not necessarily fearless. So it means to be fearless without becoming egotistical; it means to be straightforward and real. It also serves as a reminder that you have all you require.

With fire in hand

A flame is held in the palm of one hand by the dancing shape. The fire element signifies shakti, the universe's wholeness of energy. Space and consciousness contain this energy.

Linga Shiv

Linga is an identification symbol that can be used to determine what reality is. How can you know the gender of a baby when it is born? Only one component of the body may be used to determine whether the newborn is a boy or a girl. In India, the genital is also known as "linga."

How do you find the Creator now? He has no shape!

As a result, ancient Indian sages believed that Divinity should be identified by a sign. As a result, the Shiva Linga was born. Shiva Linga is very old. From the form to the formless through the Shiva Linga. It is a symbol that portrays the cosmos and the cosmos' creator as one. It combines the two principles of creation: silent, unmanifested consciousness and dynamic manifestation of the universe in one form.


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