Worshipping is an integral part of the life of every Indian. Even an atheist seeks guidance and protection from the deities during the highs and lows of his life. On the other hand, those who believe in the presence of the divine firmly begin and end their day by commemorating them. This is why, whenever folks are moving to a new house or are planning to renovate their house, the first thing they do is allocating a room to the holy beings. On the contrary, some get so engrossed in deciding the wall color and other quintessential elements of interior designing, they completely overlook this inseparable aspect of home decoration. Another reason might be the lack of space. Apparently, such obstructions never stop the art lovers and believers of god from finding a section for the divinities. Nevertheless, when every room from a bedroom to a bathroom gets an evident revamp, why the place with optimum positivity be left untouched? Well, whatever the reason is, no art appreciator would wish to leave their divine spot unornamented.

Thus, yes, in this blog, we acquaint you with five of the finest ways to appraise the serenity and beauty of the divine space with traditional paintings and artworks. Take a look.

•    Hang your favorite traditional paintings-

In the world swooping over modern paintings, your praying space should remain unaffected embracing the presence of traditional paintings. The room should have Indian art paintings. You can place a painting with an intricate yet exquisite pattern. A Madhubani, Mysore or Tanjore painting can be placed on walls facing each other. This will add to the ethnicity and will also remind you of the traditions to keep you rooted.

•    Consider printed fabrics for the backdrop-

You can also make use of fabrics which have a traditional print on them. Traditional prints are a rad right now. Hence, you can use the fabric which has an intricate Warli print behind the idols as a backdrop. Another alternative to this could be getting cloth framed and mounted and using it as a traditional wall art.


•    Incorporate exquisite Indian artefacts-

If there is one place which is bedecked with idols, it surely is the room of the divine. So, why just stick to the notion of festooning walls with paintings? Take a step further and buy unique art motifs. A space lined with golden idols and pristine white walls will make you long, even more, to enter the space to pray every morning. You can also consider adding bronze idols, bells, and lanterns.

•    Make use of Religious Paintings-

Without a painting, a room looks really vacated and blank. Doesn’t it? Well, what would be better than adding paintings that provide more meaning to a space? So, consider placing Shiva, Ganesha paintings or any other sort of religious paintings in your room. The choice of religious painting should depend on the kind of reverberation you want to draw from the room. For instance, if you want to make it very meditative and soulful, you should go for a medium sized painting of Lord Shiva in meditating pose. 

•    Use the undermined corner-

For those of you, who are unable to make space for a Pooja room in the house due to limited space, there is a quick solution. Choose the corner of any room other than the bedroom for allocating a space to the deities. Get the wood triangles, nail them and place small sized paintings and motifs there.

The aforementioned points will definitely help you in sprucing up your worshipping space. However, you should not limit your imagination to what you read. These are just the ideal ways of amplifying the overall look and feel of the divine room. If you like the idea of doing unconventional things, you can also place modern religious paintings in place of Indian traditional paintings or religious paintings. Besides the use of paintings, you should also consider using lights with orange and yellow tints. Keeping rose petals in a glass bowl also counts as one of the most budgetary ideas of Pooja room decoration. Additionally, one should also choose the wall color carefully.  Ideally, fire colors like yellow, orange, golden and red should be used. However, if you want to make the room extremely serene and meditative, you should paint the walls with an off-white color. Apart from this, you can also include indoor plants to surge freshness into the aura of the room.

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