Painting is self-discovery, every good artist paints what he is.

Indeed! But there are some people who love art as much as the artists do but don’t possess the necessary skillsets to give a beautiful physical structure to their imaginations. Yes these people exist and we fondly call them as art enthusiasts and collectors. They love buying paintings to beautify their professional and personal spaces.

However, if you are one of those who love art and the Indian culture equally, there is a way which will help you in unifying your love for both of them. Apparently, a perfect way of showing your love for both of them is by dedicating one wall of your house to artworks comprising of Indian traditional paintings. The placement of art pieces on a particular wall to create a unique and distinct statement is called as an art gallery wall.

So, if you’ve been visiting paintings gallery in an attempt to find pieces which will help you in creating your own personalized gallery wall with traditional Indian artworks, then here are certain tips which could ease your work.   

  • Decide a theme- There are many Indian traditional paintings that have survived through generations and are still making their presence felt. However, you will find certain styles more attractive than the rest and as a result, you’ll be more inclined to them.  In order to make a gallery wall, you can opt for pieces belonging to either one or all of your preferred art styles. While attempting to mix two painting styles in your art gallery wall, choose the ones that are somehow similar to each other. Moreover, you can also think of blending different Indian traditional styles but take some expert advice before taking this risk
  • Color coordinate it- Prior to buying masterworks from paintings gallery for your gallery wall, always be mindful of the color of your walls. If they are of dark hues, then avoid buying paintings of similar shades. However, if the color of the walls is light, prefer investing in artworks which are made up of bright colors. Also, the individual color schemes of the paintings should not overpower the beauty of each other.
  • Try different sizes and shapes- If there is one thing which requires your maximum effort, then it is this one.. Distinctively shaped and sized paintings can look like an artist’s dream or a nightmare depending on the way they are placed. If you’re looking for a symmetrical, then choose the frames which are similar but if you’re more inclined towards achieving an abstract look, then use your imagination to mix and match the differently shaped paintings to create your own personalized gallery wall. 
  • Balance the colors with a neutral wall- Are you shifting to a new work or living space or renovating the same? If yes, then congratulations because you have the liberty of choosing the painting in whichever color you want to. After collecting the traditional paintings, get the wall painted or paste a wall paper which complements the color scheme of your artworks.
  • Add traditional typography- Adding typography, which is a traditional word in the center of the artworks on your art gallery wall, will make it unparalleled to any other Indian traditional art gallery wall. Try adding typography in traditional Sanskrit which is relatable and connectable.  
  • Place only the ones you truly love- It is imperative to choose only those paintings that you will never get bored of. If you are investing your hard earned amount on something, then it should be worth it. Before paying the amount payable for the painting which you are planning to buy, ask yourself this one question, is this something that I will love to embrace the walls of my house with for years. Invest in an artwork only when the answer is yes because paintings are not any item of daily usage which will be consumed. The amount that you pay for them is not minimal and once you will buy the artwork it will stay with you forever so it is vital to choose wisely.

To be precise, you have to consider the color scheme, either choose the paintings from the paintings gallery according to that or change the wall paper. If you are a beginner in the arena of art, then keep your gallery wall simple without mixing more than two traditional paintings styles. Moreover, forming a similar symmetry in the gallery wall will make it look too mainstream and boring. However, combining different sizes and shapes while placing them in a non-usual and creative way will make it way more interesting and appealing than the former.

Additionally, the best suited framing for Indian traditional paintings would be the one with the royal look as the simple wooden framings will minimize the royal feel of it.

Now that you know about the things that you need to be mindful of while getting paintings from paintings gallery, you can begin experimenting by mixing and matching various traditional paintings with each other. So let your imagination run wild and begin creating your own little art space with a personal touch today.

Happy hanging!