Immaculate exemplification of beauty is the prime principle and the highest aim of art, and Indian artists have always been successful in creating a splendid piece of artwork so far. This is the reason why Indian traditional art possesses an inimitable status and footing across the globe.

If you try to do some research on the same, then you will certainly find that Indian cultural paintings have the predisposition to evidently replicate the feelings and emotions of the artists. Amongst other forms of artwork, such as singing, dancing and acting, paintings have been considered one such form which has irrefutably touched the emotions of the audiences to a great extent.

Simply put, Indian traditional art paintings have the potential to capture the attention of the audiences that too for a longer period.

Indian paintings can be found in different designs or forms and it varies from region to region of the nation. Art paintings have changed and metamorphosed to a greater magnitude right from the pre-historic times to modern times. If you see the paintings of primaeval times, then you will discern that the piece of art created and carved on the Ajanta and Ellora caves depict the true emotions of the artists. These paintings manifestly divulge the chain of events about diverse groups of people, cultures, and religions that occurred in pre-historic times. Although, the medium of making art paintings have almost transformed from the caves and leaves to paper and canvas, yet the notable attributes of Indian art have persisted to remain unchanged.  Even the modern and contemporary form of art paintings have been highly acknowledged by the art admirers.

Beyond doubt, we can say that diversity in Indian culture and religion has intensely affected the sentiments, spiritual outlooks and customs, which have been portrayed outstandingly by the Indian artists in their creations.

Not only this, the topographical location of the nation has proved as an auxiliary advantage because this is the reason why diverse forms of artwork have come forth in the realms of Indian art.

Indian traditional art paintings are classified into various forms, amongst which some of the popular forms are as cited below:

  -  Kalamkari Paintings

  -  Kalighat Paintings

  -  Mughal Paintings

  -  Warli Motifs

  -  Madhubani Paintings

  -  Tanjore Paintings

  -  Picchwai Paintings

All the aforesaid forms of Indian traditional art paintings are the ones which have been broadly acknowledged by the general populace across the globe. The aficionados of art from all over the world desire to have any of these types of paintings to accentuate and adorn their living or office space.

In a nutshell, would say that the exponential upsurge in information and technology has really made it easy and possible for the admirers and lovers of art to browse through numerous traditional Indian art paintings online and purchase the one that they like the most.