Since time  immemorial, the artwork from the land of varied cultures, languages, landform, and flora and fauna i.e. India has never ceased to fill the mind of art admirers with ever-increasing wonder and reverence across the globe. These different forms of artwork beautifully reflect the ethos and heritage of the country splendidly. Through creation and presentation of the artwork, artists' articulate their profound ideas and expressions.

You can get some of the masterpieces of latest Indian art for your living space through numerous web portals selling Indian paintings and sculptures online. Nevertheless, more adventurous buyers always contemplate on procuring a piece of art that can touch their emotions intensely and evoke a positive feeling in their immediate surroundings. To have such types of paintings on your living room wall you need to have enough knowledge about the different styles of art forms or prints.

Through this article we would like to throw light on the fact that how can an art admirer add the best piece of artwork from different forms of art prints in their list? Some different forms of art that you can find are as given below:

  -  Art Paintings: The very first paintings were unearthed by archaeologists in South West France in the Lascaux caves from the Paleolithic Age, dating back to 40,000 to 10,000 years ago, which reflects that the painting has been one of the oldest art forms that has ever existed.

Theoretically, a painting is a two-dimensional art form which is fabricated with the usage of different layers of vibrant and various colors artistically onto a surface. The surface on which these color hues, tints, and shades are used varies from stone (which were used in the Paleolithic Age) to paper, wood, cloth and canvas. There are diverse forms of art paintings, but amongst all the distinguished ones are oil, acrylic, pastel, spray paintings and watercolors.

  -  Prints: A print is an art form contrived by the conception of a technique that involves a transmission from one surface to another.

  -  Drawings: Like art paintings, drawings have also been considered as one of the oldest forms of art. The evidence of its presence can be found even in the pre-historic times. It can be defined as a two-dimensional form of art in which an image is made on a uniform surface by marked lines with the areas toned through shading. Line and shading are made most usually with the usage of charcoal, ink, pencil, crayon, pastels, and chalk. 

  -  Sculptures: Sculpture is one more unique form of two- or three-dimensional artwork, hewed by stone or wood carving or by metal or plaster casting.

  -  Mixed-Media: This form of art mainly uses a variation of media in the work of art.

  -  Installation: Installation is a unique form of art that has gained too much popularity among the general public and is termed as a type of art which is usually location-specific.

  -  Photography: A photograph is an image created by the exposure of light on a light-sensitive object at some phase of the art creation. It can be either a positive or negative picture and is created with the usage of different processes.

  -  Craft: The art of craft-making can be defined as astuteness or skill which clearly reflects the manual adroitness and accomplished artistry. A significant emergence of the crafts took place due to the 'Arts and Crafts Movement' which thrived in the late 19th and early 20th century.

  -  New Media: New Media is an art form which was more prevalent during 1960s; when the artists started to experiment with developing technology in their art-making. New Media work is often designed by using digital and electronic technologies to create sound smithereens, to capture moving images and to create computer-based art.

In the end, would like to conclude by saying that if you are planning to buy any form of art ,it is always wise to do comprehensive research beforehand. The more clarity you will have on the subject of the artwork, more effortlessly you will be able to pick up the most fitting piece of work for yourself.