If there is one place in this entire world where individuals feel extremely comfortable, then it has to be their bedrooms. This is that space where we can be ourselves, unapologetically! It is that comfort zone which helps us in taking a retreat while letting us unwind after a long hectic day. After all, if there is one thing which every one of us looks forward to after a tiring day, then it’s our home. A bedroom is that indispensable part of a home which has the maximum number of emotional connection. Right from making love to having a sound sleep at the day’s end, the bedroom is that space where the feelings unfold and the soul unwinds.

Undoubtedly, our bedroom is our paradise, but sometimes having the same décor for a longer period of time can be a bit boring. In order to rekindle the affection for the special space, a makeover is a must, and there’s no better way of transforming your space than by including the elements which make it look like an emperor’s den. You’ll certainly agree that whenever there’s a discussion of royalty, the image of the Indian monarchs, along with their exquisite palaces, is the first thing where our imagination chooses to wander. Undeniably, the beauty held in the mansions of the kings who reigned the throne is no less than an embodiment of the heaven itself. Right from the Indian traditional paintings displayed on the magnanimous walls to the regal décor, everything in these palaces catches the fancy of the masses. So, if you also want to achieve a similar look for your adored bedroom, then here are a few tips which will help you ace that imperial look within a budget.

  • Choose a Bed with High Headrest and Thick Beddings 

A bed is the focal point of the bedroom. In order to give a royal look to your bedroom, it’s vital to have a bed which looks like the king of the world enjoys a sound sleep in it! Opt for a king-size bed (maybe that’s how it has got the name!) or if you aren’t looking to invest that much then go for a high headrest. Doing so would instantly add a regal look to your space. To take the royalty a notch higher, pick fluffy pillows, thick beddings and comforters as they objectify luxury. If you’re willing to go a step ahead, then try adding a canopy above your bed.

  • Indian Traditional Paintings are your Best Friend

You can’t achieve the Maharaja look without adding an exquisite statement piece of Indian traditional painting. Art remains to be one of the most famous and effective ways of beautifying a space instantly. Opt for an art piece which matches your personal taste and décor. Choose a wall where you’d like to display the painting and then hang the statement piece there. However, in the case where you aren’t sure about one bold piece, then you can always choose to adorn multiple Indian traditional paintings to achieve a similar look. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, then try looking for paintings online as you can get good quality pieces at a fraction of the cost.

  • Don’t Forget the Lighting

Palaces look royal because of the lighting. Illuminate your den with fancy lights and see it transform instantaneously. Right from fancy chandeliers to decorative lamps, there are so many ways in which you can spruce up your bedroom without digging a hole in your pocket. Thrift stores are the best place where you can find quality lighting at affordable rates.

  • Go for a Layered Look with Long Curtains

Long curtains which kiss the floor’s surface certainly add an element of elegance. Layering them with different textures, materials and colours (which complement the décor, of course!) is a great way to inject the beauty of royalty. Based on your personal mood and budget, you can opt for as much and as low drapes as you please. Curtains are an affordable yet chic way of taking the aesthetic appeal to another level.

Right from mesmerising Indian traditional paintings to enchanting chandeliers, achieving the royal bedroom look isn’t a difficult nut to crack with aforementioned tips. Renovating your space has to do more with creativity than money. Remember to match the items with existing décor and your personal taste to get your own kind of regal look. Happy decorating!