Indian traditional paintings are known for their intricate work globally. Every painting and handicraft reflects the customs and traditions of various regions of India. These paintings are a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, values, and skill. Unlike the modern artworks that are made using modern tools, techniques and artificial colors, Indian traditional paintings are crafted using organic products. Colored using extracts of fruits, vegetables and applied using a thick animal hair, these paintings are slowly losing their popularity. The art lovers now are swooning over paintings that are nothing but modern.

Nevertheless, there was a time when these paintings were so in demand that there was a rat race amongst art collectors to own these works. Not just this, kings of that time used to have artists in their palace to brush their self-portraits. This painting style, in past, has received so much love that not giving a patronage to it would be a shame. Moreover, the demand for these artwork is not completely gone.  Every now and then art lover who knows that traditional artworks embellish divine rooms in the best way, make a go for them. The veterans also know that these paintings can lighten the rooms with royalty. Undoubtedly, the presence of these masterpieces can make the place look extremely lavish.

That is why we thought of dedicating a post to traditional paintings while letting you know about some of the most exquisite ones available on our site. Take a look.

• Festival –

Varsha Kharatmal has made this extremely beautiful piece of traditional art showcasing a normal view of every festival. Two Indian folk women are shown making Rangoli while talking to each other. Perhaps, the painting has also been made to exhibit the importance of the festivals, socializing and keeping a prosperous bond with the people around you.

• Madhubani Peacock-

Mohi Jaya made this mesmerizing piece using the same skills that are used for making Madhubani paintings. Maybe this is the reason the artist has named the painting as Madhubani peacock. The colors used in this painting are very vibrant. It seems like the artist has intentionally made use of the color of the rainbow in this painting to make it look energetic and captivating. The patterns crafter are also very basic and all of them collectively are adding up to the intricacy. 

• Tree of life-

Vidhushini Prakash has put some real thought while making this painting. She exemplified the saying that nature exists in harmony. She has shown a tree with branches that is giving shelter to the animals and birds. Flowers are also shown blooming in full swing on the tree. Such a description in traditional style is unique, which is made more enthralling with the inclusion of bright colors.

• 108 Ganeshas –

Made by Tarun Kumar, this Ganesha painting is surely one of its kind. He has made this painting with a metallic pen over a palm leaf as the painting style is influenced by the traditional art of Orissa.  A glimpse of it will make you feel like it is just another Ganesha painting but it is not what it looks like. The artist has very seamlessly embodied 108 Ganeshas in this painting. Don’t believe us? Gaze at it for a while and begin counting.

• Carnatic Classical Musicians-

Radhika Ulluru has shown few Carnatic musicians lost in the tune while doing their riyas. A bit of modern touch has been given to this traditional style of painting of Mysore.

• Traditional-

This painting is made by Gayathri Mantha. Just like this piece of art, all of his works are inspired by miniature paintings. The most distinguishable feature of her paintings is that she makes them without using a combination of two colors or more than that. In actuality what makes her work compelling is the way she uses a color over a white base to define the subjects of her paintings. She portrays regal women in this painting distinctly. The costume, ornaments, and shapes of the women have been made very meticulously.

We are sure you liked the paintings we have mentioned above. Don’t shy away from exploring the whole range of traditional paintings from our website. Who knows you might just find some other painting, which is more affordable or more resonating. Also, if you end up liking a painting or artefact whose original piece has already been sold, do contact us to know if we can get you a print of that piece. You can also get the painting you like customized according to your preference. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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