Art investment gives a sense of satisfaction and guarantee of financial benefits and this benefit depends on the quality of decision making before investing in art. While investing in art, you earn a set of benefits which are commonly not available in other forms of investments. Art is the only investment which scales new heights of success as its prices never goes down. Art is safe from the economic shakeouts, though you need to be conscious of what work you are investing in. Art gives late returns.

The value of art may remain unchanged if the artist fails to scale in success. Before investing in an art you should research for the artist that you want to buy. You should be aware about his nationality, the country in which he works, his educational background, awards, exhibition history, medium he uses, which galleries promote him, the price at which he has sold his other works. It is not necessary that all the work which an artist does is a masterpiece so you should take some help from an expert to recognize a masterpiece.

The painting provenance is very important. A good provenance increases the worth of the painting. Establishing provenance helps in confirming date, artist and subject of the painting. Provenance gives documented evidence that the artwork is not an altered work or a forgery, stolen or a reproduction. Research of provenance is also been done with the objective to produce a complete list of owners from when the painting was commissioned.

Another important point which is to be kept in mind while buying an latest Indian art is to buy from a reputed dealer; it can be any reputed gallery (online and physical). The best dealer will provide all the required background information of the artist with the Certificate of Authenticity with all original artworks sold. This certificate is signed by the artist who proves that the work is 100% genuine and the value is accurate. This certificate has following details- Picture of the artwork sold, title, artist, release year of the work, medium used, size and dimension of work and signature of the artist.

It is very important to be aware about the latest scams in the art industry. These scams not only affect the art pieces but everything from signatures, titles and fake paperwork can destroy your investment and make it worthless. Art market is not transparent, therefore the ownership history, quality and the condition of an artwork has to be checked before investing.