When we visit traditional art galleries, we found some common topics there. These topics are different moods of Lord Ganesha, Radha Krishna, Traditional Indian Women, RaasLeela, Rural India and more. All these concepts are much known to us but still these ideas attract us in the form of art. There is something magical in brush strokes. 

Artists have the capability of portraying things differently. The credit goes to their imaginations and to look at various things in very unique way. Maybe, this is the reason why they called an artist. A normal human being can’t think in an artistic way. 

For an example, a painting named Enlightened Beauty has some mystery in it. The painting is created by popular painter AjitSoni. The painter has selected various less colors and finished the painting using only dark shades of red and black. The art has amazing feel and any Indian woman can relate along with the picture.

Another picture created by famous Raja Ravi Varma portrays a women on the swing has a feel of independence. The traditional paintings features a woman wearing a white saree is an example of free spirited lady who doesn’t care about societal norms and bounding.

Thus, these traditional paintings are great examples for budding painters. They can take inspiration and it will help in their career for sure.