India has an immensely rich cultural heritage and is a home to host of art practices. Be it tribal, folk, religious, or rural manifestation, it has inevitably attained majesty in all its forms. Modern and traditional arts are the two styles of paintings that are popular among art lovers. The artistic oeuvre produced during 1860s – 1970s falls under this category. Modern art sets aside the past traditions in a long for experimentation. This kind of artistic style has taken the concept away from traditional artworks (narrative form) to abstraction. It has started with the heritage of artists like Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, etc. All of the mentioned painters have made essential contribution to this popular art style. Modern art paintings are all about painter’s observation and thoroughness than anything else. 

Those who don’t know much about the India contemplate it is a mystical land of snake charmers, farmers, cows that co-exist with unmatched world of computer masterminds. The traditional Indian art covers a diverse platform and portrays artworks in fantastical styles. Deities, Goddesses, gods, all are represented in an efficient way making onlookers spell bounded. Warli art, Gond art Madhubani art, Tanjore Paintings, Phad paintngs, Pichvai, Kalighat Pats, Kalamkari are some of the famous traditional art styles.
There are a host of modern and traditional artists showcasing their tremendously painted artworks both at national and international levels. However, to create modern art or traditional art paintings, you need to consider the following points:

  • Prior creating your artwork, it is advisable to study your subject that you are going to portray through your paintings.
  • Select proper colors and hues for your paintings. Right color composition helps in communicating the message to the views in an efficient way.
  • You can paint in watercolor or in acrylics or you may use oil depending on your convenience and demand of the painting.

There are a plethora of online art galleries that presents beautiful collection of renowned artists. You can also take idea from there to make your paintings a real hit