Each and every corner of India is filled with purest form of artistic expressions. One such form of art that has felt spectators amazed and captivated with its simplistic intensity is Folk art paintings. The color hues and the exuberance of these customary forms of artwork give them the charming charisma which very few other forms of artwork are able to divulge.

Well, it can be said that ethnic Indian openness and sensitivity is best represented through the Folk Paintings. These types of paintings vividly reflect different flavors of Indian culture in a unique manner.

Let's have a closer look at the origins of this beautiful form of art:

Discovery of Indian Folk Art Paintings

Folk art painting in India was discovered by Indian researchers during the start of 20th Century. They started discerning the pulsating motives that had adorned their walls and courtyard for long. The candor which the supporters of Modern Art so aspired enthusiastically for was so naturally reflected in Indian Folk art painting. So, Indian Folk Painting was known for its right atheistic value.

Key themes majorly found in Folk Art Paintings

Folk paintings are explicatory representation of community painters, marked by the themes from epics, such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, Puranas and every day rural life, animals, birds and natural objects. The color was typically drawn from natural substances, like leaves, clothes, earthenware, mud and stone walls are used as canvas. With the passage of time, these paintings have evolved in different parts of India primarily depending upon mythological stories, rural cultures and day-to-day rituals.

Simply put, these types of paintings vary from region to region in India. For instance, folk painting created in Maharashtra, that is, Warli paintings are the ones that created in white on mud. Through it the artists usually try to portray impetuous expressions of folk life, beliefs and customs in Maharashtra. Folk paintings of Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, and Rajasthan have been admired and well praised by numerous of Indian art collectors and lovers for true reflection of beauty of Indian culture.

In a nutshell, Folk art paintings in India are pleasing to the eye and incredible to a great extent. Their magnificence and vivacity know no bounds. If you are looking for custom paintings, then browse through our wide collection of diverse form of Indian art paintings.