Home is always been the place where we love to unwind and plant seeds of happiness, hope and success. Every homemaker tend to blow through a lot of money just to deck up their personal space in way that could make a big difference in their home. Some like to add a gentle visual rhythm of traditional Indian art that have subliminal connection to a culture that reveres minimalism and imbues tranquil thoughts. While others like to pick up unconventional modern decor items that go well with color accent and theme of their home.

Be it the traditional way or the modern route, we have a few wonderful home decor ideas that will let you revive your good taste with Indian traditional paintings.

Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed Divinity with four hands and a mouse as his vahan is a famous divine being among devotees of Hinduism. Children love him for his appearance and elderly reverence him for his spirituality. This is one of the biggest reason why sculptures and Indian traditional paintings of Lord Ganesha are considered to be the ideal for embellishing home walls among Hindu community.

But have you ever wondered what sanguine influence does a simple Ganesh painting brings into our life? This blog attempts to highlight the significance of adorning your personal space with Lord Ganesha’s piece of traditional Indian art.

Short story about Lord Ganesha-

Are you aware of the fact that Lord Ganesh never had an elephant head? Here is the story narrating what happened due which he got his elephant head.

As per Hindu mythology, one day, Devi Parvati was getting ready to take her customary bath. While going to the pond, where she was supposed to take bath, she ordered little Ganesha to stand in front of the entrance and not to let anyone enter, whosoever it may be. Little Ganesha obeyed what his mother said and stood in front of the entrance with the firm determination of following each word of his mother.

While Ganesha was safeguarding the entrance, Lord Shiva came in search of his wife. As per the strict orders of his mother, Ganesha did not let his father to enter the area. This raged the anger of Lord Shiva, and there started an aggressive fight between the father and the son, with a foreseeable end. At the end of the dreadful battle, Shiva used his crucial weapon, ‘Trishul’ to behead Lord Ganesh.

When Devi Parvati returned after taking bath, the sight left her surprised and broken. Little Ganesh was lying on the ground, decapitated. She couldn’t forgive and admonished Lord Shiva for what he did and she asked him to bring Ganesh back to life.

Lastly, Lord Shiva had no other choice left behind but bring Ganesh back to life. He went out in search and found one baby elephant sitting next to his mother. He took that baby elephants head and brought back Ganesha’s life. Since Ganesha obeyed his mother’s orders, he was bestowed with divine powers by Devi Parvati. From then on, he is being regarded as the God of new beginnings and being revered by people when they think about starting anything new in life.

What does Lord Ganesha Indian traditional painting signify?

The small size eyes of Lord Ganesha connote his dedication. Big ears articulate to listen more so attentively as to imbibe more accepted wisdom. The small mouth points toward the fact that we need to honor our words and be a person who follow what we say.

In life, you will come across both good and evil things. His big belly indicates that a person should take in all the good and bad in life, tranquilly. The four arms indicate his invincible presence. In one of his arms, he holds an axe, which symbolizes to amputate all the bonds of attachment for a serene life. The lotus in other hand represents to treasure your life and be pious, even when hemmed in by something as bad as grime. The fragmented tusk of Lord Ganesh recapitulates the sacrifice made by him for the great cause of writing Mahabharata.

Disciples also believe that the whole body of Lord Ganesh represents the complete cosmos.

Why one should think about adorning home walls with Ganesh traditional Indian art?

Talking about Ganesh artworks, it is something that you hang in your room walls to add a touch of serenity and beauty. Whether you are starting a new business, purchasing a new house, or creating a small temple in your home, Lord Ganesha is a preordained part in everyone’s prayers.

If you are facing some hard times in your life, not able to accomplish anything you trying to do, try to purchase Ganesh traditional Indian art work like sculpture or painting. It might bring you good fortune.

To summarize, Ganesh paintings are just like seashells with gemstones of complete bliss and opulence hidden inside. You just need to recognize how to garner precious seashells.

So are you thinking about purchasing Ganesh traditional Indian art work to add a spiritual touch to your home walls? Have you ever received Ganesh Indian traditional paintings as a gift? What do you think is the best occasion to buy or gift Ganesh paintings? Share your thoughts with us in comment box given below.