This blog outlines the correct process for framing a traditional Indian art painting. These are extremely simple steps which render a cost-effective framing solution for your prized painting.

The steps have been described in detail as follows:

  1. Choose a suitable frame from online stores and brick-and-mortar outlets. It should be at least 2.5 to 3 inches tall. Stick to a wooden one for better durability and quality framing.
  2. In order to attach the traditional painting to the given frame, make use of canvas clips. Some frames do not come with it. In such a case, one can buy it directly from popular online stores. These clips are usually 1/4 or 1/2. The size depends on the depth of your canvas and frame together. Such screws generally come with many clips. In case your painting is larger than 20 x 20, make use of more than 6 clips.
  3. After attaching the frame to properly, you can begin working upon your hanging hardware. Some hanging kits are available at popular home depots. They include sturdy screws and wires. In order to drill holes properly, measure the frames length from the top.
  4. Take a wire of required length coil it through the wire hook. Wrap the wires end tightly around itself. Repeat the process with the other hook.
  5. Now you can hang your painting! Its a simple process, isnt it?

The steps enlisted above can be really inexpensive because professional framers make you pay a lot for a similar job. But it is true that getting the job done by an expert comes with its own benefits as well as saves your time.

Yet the effort that you place in framing it with your own hands pays off when you glance at your beloved Indian art painting. Besides, a pretty frame enhances the presentation quotient of your favourite artwork.