Home is a place to which every individual is highly attached. It is treasured and loved so much because that’s the place where one spends most of the time with their family and friends. Moreover, it is a place which is full of memoirs and blessings. People often are seen juggling hard in their work life to save a section of their salary each time for buying a space which they can call their own. However, after owning and living in a space for long we often stop giving attention to that space. This happens maybe because we tend to get very used to seeing each and everything as and how it is, in the house. Infact, most people refrain from renovating their house because they consider it to be very pricey or unnecessary. Another reason possibly of this could be that they have no knowledge of aesthetics of the house.

Nonetheless what if I tell you that you can renovate the look of your house in a budget. Well! How about giving an Indian and royal look to your space? If you nodded in affirmation to the question asked above then this post is for you. Transforming the interiors of your house can undoubtedly be quite an exotic and enthralling experience. You will get a wide array of Indian traditional paintings in different styles to choose from as in India different cultures and hence art styles are followed.

Nonetheless, you can achieve the desired look by adding various kinds of Indian traditional paintings and sculptures that fit your budget. You can take a cue for achieving the desired traditional look for your home from this post. So keep reading.

  • Vivacious Colors-

The colors are an integral part of the interiors of any space, be it professional or personal. Hence, while buying Indian traditional paintings you should choose colors which are complementing the walls of the space. Also, the colors should be bright and vibrant. This will further make the presence of the paintings prominent in the room. However, no matter how tempting it seems to go cray with a vast bright colored palette of paintings in a single room, on should never do so? It just leads to visual chaos.

  • Solid Wood or Metallic Framing –

Though most of the Indian traditional paintings come in wooden framing, if they buy a non-framed painting, they tend to consider that as an opportunity of revealing their creative juices. However, if you have bought a non-framed painting, you should never get it framed in any frame other than that of metal or wood.

  • Traditional Wall Murals-

If the wall color of the room or house you are revamping is neutral and you are in no mood of getting it changed, you can paste a wall mural of the size of one wall side in any traditional print. While buying the mural, just remember to buy one who has the ratio of deeply toned colors more in it than the light ones.

  • Royal and Religious Sculptures-

Many native Indian artists create exceptionally beauteous statues. The most traditional ones matching to the theme are Ganesha, Durga, and Buddha idols. Besides this, sculptures of elephants, turtles, and camels are also popular.

  • Fabrics of Traditional Prints –

You can also use fabrics printed with Warli art or some other Indian traditional art form. After selecting the cloth, you can cut it in different sizes and can stick it on a cardboard. Moreover, you can also get them framed and can use them as pieces of gallery wall art.

  • Intricate Patterns-

The more intricate the painting, the more appeasing it will be. Thus, you should choose original artworks with complex detailing.

Besides adding the aforementioned pieces to your house’s interiors, you can also play with other constituents of the interiors of your house. Try to add hanging lanterns and floating diyas. Also, make sure that the light which they emit is warm. In addition to this, you can also add pieces with inlay works of mirrors, ivory, metals or stones as decorative items alongside the furniture of your house. If you wish to get the best results from the renovation you are doing using Indian traditional paintings and sculptures, you should also take into consideration the color of the walls of your house. They should be having bright and warm colors like red, orange, mustard yellow and should avoid painting the walls with neutral and muted colors like baby pink, beige, and gray etcetera. 

So begin your search for the pieces that suit your personal style without digging a hole in your pocket. Also, don’t forget to share your inquisitions and experiences with us. We are sure that these ideas will surely transform your home into a more warming and welcoming place which you will anticipate to get back to every day.