India, the nation of diversified cultures, traditional arts, languages, and people- is known to portray the best Roots. Such a vast mixture of roots ensures the mixing of people and one. With every region in this country, comes a varied sense of tradition.

This diversification is not only in the form of food or clothes, but also paintings, songs, dances, etc. while we talk about Traditional and beautiful paintings- making sure that every house has one or two is what our main motive is. While we indulge ourselves in the idea of accepting each other’s traditions and cultures- what suits our white and pale walls is as per the choices and not restricted myths. With constant developments in every corner of this country, making sure that the traditional art reaches every household is what this blog is written for - to inspire and educate!

Let’s read further and gain a wider perspective on Tradition Arts.

Madhubani - Beautiful Paintings from Bihar

Also known as Mithila Art, Madhubani paintings have grown from the roots of the Mithila region in Bihar. They are characterized by drawing lines in different patterns and filling them with contrast and bright colors. This is a traditional art form that has been done usually by the women of the area. This has eventually changed throughout time-involving the men too. Because of its rural and tribal motifs, the beautiful paintings stay in demand. This art is known to be done on a freshly plastered wall- to give a more aesthetic look.

With the changing time and evolving arts, Madhubani paintings are now also done on a sheet of paper, canvas, and also on cloth. A brush, to carry forward the new kind of Mithila Art, is made out of bamboo with cotton wrapped around it. A Madhubani painting usually uses naturally made colors. For example- black color is obtained using cow dung and soot; yellow is usually extracted using Turmeric and lime along with banana leaves. Indigo helps in getting blue color and red sandalwood helps to create red. One of the biggest tricks to use and apply such colors is to lay them flat. No shading is done and no space is or should be left.

Under this form of art, common themes that are chosen are that of Hindu Deities, curt scenes, weddings, motifs of birds and animals, geometrical designs, etc. the handful of traditional designs and patterns are maintained because of the passing on the skill onto the next generation.

Warli- Traditional Art Painting

Getting its roots from Maharashtra, Warli Paintings of Warli Folk Paintings is named after the largest tribe discovered on the outskirts of Northern Mumbai. Being directly close in proximity to the largest urban state of India, Warli Tribesmen have stopped all the influences of modernization and urbanization.

This kind of beautiful painting was found first in the seventies. With no specific root trace, Warli paintings are known to be found in the 10th Century A.D. known to be expressive vividly, the artists are known to recreate social and daily events of the tribe itself. The most common background to create Warli painting was known to be the village house walls.

Known to be a simple art form in comparison to the Madhubani paintings, Women are known to be engaged more here as well. Here, images of humans, animals, and plants- involved in the day-to-day events and rituals are depicted with utmost grace and beauty. The Warli paintings are painted white on walls of mud- known to be close to prehistoric paintings found on caves. Some of the common scenes found under Warli paintings are that of dancing, hunting, farming, harvesting, etc.

A straight line is rare to be found on a Warli Painted wall. It is said to be a combination of dots and dashes creating a line. The most common god depicted under a wall painting is that of Palghat- the god of marriage. Initially started on walls of Warli, the painting is found on paper and cloth as well.  

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Wrap up:

While we welcome a bunch of international art forms, making sure that we pay due respect to our roots is important too. Indian Art Ideas are something that we all should appreciate- for their ancient past and the ability to live this long.

While you focus on the modern paintings or your house office walls- give it an Indie look with traditional art and beautiful paintings altogether.