Haven’t redecorated your lounge for a decade and are looking for quick ways to bring your living room back to life? Or simply refresh your living environment and make it more ambient? Consider adorning your living space walls with rich and diverse watercolor landscape paintings! Capturing the natural scenic beauty with unparalleled luminosity and transparency, watercolor landscape paintings make great interior decor pieces to brighten up the most mundane of rooms instantly.

Don’t worry about what’s your style, adding a watercolor painting of landscape to a windowless interior wall of your lounge will instantly open up the space. Landscape art painted with glowing transparent watercolors and marvelous texture will surely provide a striking focal point for provoking conversation and contemplation. A constant reminder of nature’s beauty, these artworks will also offer a break from every day, especially when you can’t easily make it outside to connect with nature and recharge your soul.

So where to start? First, think about how you usually use your living room, is it a formal space or a relaxed lounge where you and your family love lingering on? What ambiance do you want to create with your landscape paintings? What feels or vibe do you wish the artwork to emanate in your living environment-  inspired, calm, or energized?

To get going, here’s our list of the 12 most inspiring ways to liven up your living room with glowing watercolor landscape paintings.

Colour Your World

If you thought landscapes were limited to greens and browns (there’s nothing wrong with that!), you haven’t yet explored the vivid world of watercolor landscape paintings! The kaleidoscope world of watercolor landscapes will surely leave you wondering if it’s nature that delivers color on a platter – or is that just wise use of watercolor palette?

You can enliven your otherwise ordinary living room with a colorful work of landscape painting. Even if you have a neutral decor, don’t hesitate to add a touch of color with art. The shot of colors in the landscape paintings will surely give your spirits a lift, also giving your space more happy energy.

A joyful home. Voila!

Space Of Serenity & Hope

watercolor landscape painting in room

Symbolism can be indeed powerful, so surround yourself with art that emanates a calmer and serene vibe; that speaks to you!

Consider decorating your living room with an oversized watercolor painting of a river landscape. Not only will it be a gorgeous addition to your decor (bringing depth and length to the room) but also help create a space of hope and serenity. In moments of troubles and worries, let the water flow over your problems by surrounding yourself with such artworks of serenity.

Convey Your Personality

If you love to stand out from the crowd? Then certainly it’s time to think big and bold, and go beyond the usual color palette of landscape art too!

If you love to invite home a lot more color, even if that means buying a purple couch, don’t restrict yourself to going for artwork to complement the colors. Just embrace more of what you like ( don’t overthink, know that there’s no such thing as too much purple or of any other of your favorite color) and choose a large landscape painting featuring a lavender meadow. Apart from the shots of bold colors, it will instantly add a dose of character to your living room.

A Window To The Green World

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the green landscapes while choosing art for your living room. 

Let’s face it. There’s something about the green trees that soothes the soul and helps us reconnect – with ourselves, each other, as well as with nature. So let the greenery of nature inspire you as you live, relax, work and unwind in your living room.

Go Floral

Everyone loves fresh flowers, having them around instantly can help you feel good and boost your mood.

Find a floral landscape piece of art for your living room that beautifully captures the most glorious bloom and your fresh space where you can come alive is ready! Indeed a smart way to surround yourself with cheer and  joy 24X7!

Inspire Wanderlust

With travel restricted during the pandemic, vacation to your favorite destinations remain off limits. Don’t be disheartened, choose a landscape painting of an exotic destination listed at the top of your travel bucket list.

Viewing the splendid locales every day in your living room will uplift your spirits and help you fantasize about the dream destination until you get the opportunity to travel to the spot. Often such pleasing fantasies are enough to help you get through a day when nothing seems right.

Ignite The Smile

Imagine walking into your living room every morning and experiencing a sense of contentment. We're not talking about grinning from ear to ear but just a sweet smile. That’s the beauty and power of a sunset landscape.

With the promise of a new dawn, a mesmerizing sunset painting can give a perfect start to your every morning, giving you hope that the next day will be better, giving you the strength to bounce back on the opportunities you missed yesterday.

Escape To Paradise

If you’re looking to decorate the living room to serve as your retreat, go for a landscape art that expresses your ideal paradise, something that always comes to your imagination when you think of getting away from it all. Flashy flowers, lofty snow-covered mountains, or a spectacular ocean view, or anything that makes you feel like paradise. 

And your private sanctuary is ready at home — it's easier than you think!

Had a hectic day at work? Sip in your favorite coffee, relax in your private spot, and breathe in the beauty of the stunning landscape painting.

Add Warmth

It’s true that nothing can cheer you up like a good snuggle, so why not transform your living room into a cozy, snuggly space.

Choose a  funky vintage landscape painting, something in a yellow, red, or orange, for your living room. The warm color palette of your art will create a warm ambiance too!

A Chill Out Zone

If your living room is more than space where you welcome your guests, why not go for turning into a chill-out zone by adding a cool landscape painting, and what’s cooler than a Winter landscape.

So, instead of scrolling your social media and disappearing into the hole of depression every weekend, put your feet up and hang out with family or indulge yourself in a good book, or Netflix marathon.


Sometimes all you want is to feel at home when you enter your living room back from work. This where it is always advisable to work towards constructing a sense of unity.

Carefully consider the existing color palette of your living room's decor — furniture, rugs, cushions, couch, and ornaments and then choose a watercolor painting of a landscape featuring the color (at least the dominant hue) that creates a perfect harmony.

Happy Contradictions

While some love to play safe and stick to creating harmony, you may be more excited about constructing contradictions and clashes with your paintings.

Don’t shy away from choosing a landscape painting that features a dominant color that's radically different or stark contrast from that which appears in your existing living room decor.

Celebrate the difference and bring ‘on trend’ color and style to your living room with happy contradictions!

Wrap Up

Confined to homes for months during the lockdown and travel off the cards amidst the pandemic, the outdoors feel distant and off-limits. Adorning your living room with carefully chosen watercolor landscape paintings will make the outdoors tangible, and visual again for you, enabling you to experience a world of excitement within the four walls of your home.

Our living room decor ideas will surely help you find the right piece of landscape painting for your home suiting your taste and style, even if it doesn’t we are sure these ideas will boost your mood and perhaps help you understand everything better.

So what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath, get cozy on your favorite spot and enjoy the beauty of watercolor landscape paintings by exploring our diverse collection of artworks by the finest Indian artists!

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