Thinking of making your watercolour painting different? If yes, then we would like to say that you have come across the right place. Watercolor is one of the most economical painting mediums.

You can make this more interesting and different by following the mentioned below techniques:

First and the foremost thing that you need to do is add some salt to your painting, which will create speckled and star-burst pattern the moment it dries. Sketch with a light pencil and paint on the areas you want to salt. Sprinkle salt on the painting while the paint is still wet. Set paper to dry and when you come back brush the dried salt away. You will be able to see the astonishing effect that it left to the paint underneath.

Another idea can be 'half painting'. Choose a picture and cut it out right down the middle. Stick this half photo on a sheet of paper and paint the other half of the picture. You will see the splendid result.

There is another old watercolor painting technique. Draw a picture using a white crayon on a white paper. Once done with this, paint over the top of your crayon painting with bright watercolor and the drawing will appear like a magic to you.

Another technique to draw a 'zebra' painting which is made up of only black paint on white paper. You can do this by mixing the paint with some water to make all sorts of shades of grey. Lots of paint and little water makes black whilst lots of water creates light grey.