J M S Mani


Acclaimed artist JMS Mani has bequeathed vastly to the Indian art vista. Mani, as an artist, is renowned for his style of art which is why he has displayed his masterworks at numerous solo shows across the globe. Till today, Mani’s masterworks together form an epitome of boundless passion for all his fans and followers.

JMS was born in the year 1949 in Bangalore, a city in the state of Karnataka. Since his early days, Mani has stayed true to his appetite for fine arts. He had to face a lifetime of struggle to keep this passion alive.

Education & Work

J M S Mani has studied fine arts at the Ken School of Art, Bangalore. His works were always a collection of artistic fireworks because of the immaculate designs and play of bright colors on canvas. During the course of his career as an artist, Mani has participated in many all India exhibitions, camps and group shows. In lieu of the same, he has attended Graphic Camps at Regional Centre, Chennai & Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. He has been a frequent attendee at several painting campsat the Youth Writer's and Artist Guild as well as atKarnataka Lalit Kala Akademi. Other artist camps attended by him were at Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore, Badami, Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy, Silver Jubilee Camp, Bangalore, Bangalore City Planatorium, Kannada & Culture, Tata Steel, Jamsehdpur, Jaipur and the Nehru Centenary Artist Camp,

Mani draws his inspiration from the simple, pastoral people of the Deccan Plateau in South India. These rural folks have strong Dravidian features and are depicted as the central subjects of J.M.S. Mani's works. Inevitably his art is represented as a poetic unification of Indian culture and ‘Occidental Western formalism’. Every single human form is depicted in a three-dimensional contour. They are further accentuated by bold brushwork that replicates the bravura to his impressionists. Some of his masterworks such as ‘Pair’, ‘Acrylic_0702’ and ‘Abs01’ portray the loveliness of pulsating colors as well as expel the rustiness of countryside life.

Some masterpieces from this genius are ‘the balloon seller’, ‘the women with a rooster’, the famous "Dancing Girl" of the Indus Valley Civilization etc. Amazingly, all his works tell a tale that stays etched on the onlooker’s mind for a long time. Apart from specializing in mix media, acrylic paint, oil on canvas and photo paint on paper, Mani’s forte are his striking etchings. Each one of these handsome works is elaborate and admirable without being intimidating. Most of them are charcoal on paper works that incorporate creativity at its throng.

Awards and Accolades

He was bestowed with the prestigious winner’s prize at the KarnatakaLalit Kala Academy three times in his career. He is also the winner of 50 years of Indian Independence that was conducted by INFACS

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