The Precursor for the Plummeting Soul- Ganesha Paintings

Posted by Prashali Malik on Oct 16, 2019 10:56:38 am

Some relationships are stronger than the bonds of blood and they are forged by trust and the ability to withstand any adverse circumstances. One of those relationships is that of a student with his teacher. A teacher or a Guru shapes the character of his student and make him realize his true potential as against the lashings of the destructive criticism of the world. Vighnaharta Lord Ganesha is like that Guru. ‘Gu’ means ‘Andhkaar’ or Darkness and Ru means Destroyer. So, a teacher enlightens with the light of wisdom and intell... Read more>>

These 5 Rules will Guide you to Buy Indian Art

Posted by Prashali Malik on Oct 11, 2019 04:06:36 pm

Man finds solace in the expression of self. Through art and his creativity, he made the world see what he is. Slowly the world became materialistic and finesse could either be brought with money or through power. The crude form of art became folk art overtime. But, fine art was rare. There was a time when commissioning an artwork was synonymous with riches. It was considered a luxury. Artists flourished under the patronage of generous kings who were admirers of creativity. Now, the paradigm has shifted. People who were earlier relucta... Read more>>

5 Tips to Ponder When you Buy Indian Art

Posted by Prashali Malik on Oct 04, 2019 02:50:47 pm

‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ was a movie that warned viewers about the repercussions of buying anything on impulse. Procuring art without educating yourself about it beforehand could land you a bad deal. You may end up having some mediocre art that could cost you a fortune. By putting some intelligent efforts you might understand how the art market operates. So, research your way through the catacombs of the complex art world before you buy Indian art next time. We can’t appreciate the beauty of a work that we do... Read more>>

The Classic Cult of Yogic Lord Shiva Paintings

Posted by Prashali Malik on Sep 27, 2019 11:50:00 am

The hermit is the Lord of lords who resides in harsh and eerie snow-clad mountains, as featured in Lord Shiva paintings, away from materialistic hedonism. He is independent of all the basic elements through which the existence is bound. He adorns time as an ornament. The supreme source of enlightenment is covered in ashes, tiger skin and Rudraksha while her wife, the embodiment of eternal energy, persistently tries to domesticate the sovereign soul to keep the circle of life churning. Pop culture has been swayed with the iconology ... Read more>>

Breathtaking Landscape Paintings by Famous Artists of India

Posted by Prashali Malik on Sep 24, 2019 12:54:10 pm

Paintings in India mainly followed the patterns that were based on religious and traditional motifs. Things related to nature were always a part of Indian paintings but, they were never the central subject matter of the artwork. Rather, they were supportive and decorative of the central theme. Painting landscapes of mountains, flora, fauna, clouds, water, etc. were introduced by the European travelers who happened to be artists. Through this post, we will try to understand how this style of painting identifies with the Indian diaspora... Read more>>

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