Indian Artworks: 5 Ganesha Tanjore Painting Ideas in 2022

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jan 12, 2022 03:02:41 pm

Ganesha Tanjore Paintings and other Indian artworks in Hinduism are the most respected deity and thus are a favourite painting idea. Ganesha paintings and idols are popular gifts among Hindus, whether for the inauguration of a new office or the 'Griha Pravesh' of a home. They also hold importance in decorating walls and empty spaces in office and home- for they are auspicious and considered to be a bit of good luck.  Children adore him because of his genial demeanour, while the elderly revere him because of his holy si... Read more>>

How Can I Sell Paintings Online With Indian Art Ideas?

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jan 06, 2022 02:39:09 pm

With each passing moment, where the idea of digitization is growing, you can sell paintings online with utmost ease. While the whole world is turning towards online platforms- businesses like that of Art Galleries have seen this change too. As per the statistics, various galleries have made a majority of sales of Indian oil paintings and other types of art through online platforms.  More and more art fans are becoming accustomed to purchasing art online, ranging from high-priced fine art to specialized crafts. The creative art... Read more>>

Figurative Paintings Ascension and Decline

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jan 04, 2022 12:09:37 pm

The initial desire of a painter who is optimistic about painting is that it will move, that it will exist beyond its frame." These remarks of Gertrude Stein, a prominent American novelist, echo the ideas of an art enthusiast who sees a painting as a portal to a world beyond the ordinary. This passage transports an art enthusiast to a world of unrivaled inventiveness and imagination. Figurative paintings and art is one such type of art that is capable of transcending the world of mere appearances. Midst the learning about figurat... Read more>>

Art For Sale Online - Buddhism and Buddha Paintings

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jan 03, 2022 06:51:51 pm

With the onset of Buddha paintings being part of every household, it is time you get to know about its invention and uprising. The fifth and fourth century B.C. saw a surge in global intellectual activity. It was a time when great minds like Socrates and Plato, Confucius and Laozi ruled the roost. It was the age of the Buddha in India, after whose death a religion arose that eventually expanded far beyond the country's borders. Once you read further for the same, you can also get art for sale online. Let your home and office walls... Read more>>

Where to place the Laxmi paintings in your house?

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Dec 28, 2021 02:54:21 pm

Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who is also worshiped by Buddhists and Jains. Her prominence in the Hindu pantheon stems not only from her marriage to Vishnu (the Hindu trinity's preserver), but also from her own role as the goddess of money, prosperity, and good fortune. Though the depiction of Lakshmi Paintings in art varies significantly depending on the locale, local traditions, and artistic medium, there are some symbols linked with Lakshmi that distinguish her. Prosperity and Wealth Lakshmi is frequently depicted with ... Read more>>