List of Top 7 Greatest Painters of All Time

Posted by Guest Author on Jan 15, 2020 02:22:12 pm

History has many famous painters who have made a lasting contribution to changing the world through their creative work. A true artist is endowed with the unique ability to take his or her moment in time and captivate its essence so that their work becomes timeless. They inspire our lives, passion and spread a message of love through their work. Let’s explore the top 7 painters of their time and discover the stories behind their work: 1. Leonardo Da Vinci The full name of the greatest painter was Leonardo di ser P... Read more>>

10 Acrylic Painting Techniques To Paint Like A Pro

Posted by Kanika on Jan 15, 2020 12:36:04 pm

Ready to Experiment Painting with Acrylics? Acrylic paints are quite vibrant and are fun to work with owing to its versatility! The beauty of acrylic paint is that it can give you a different effect depending on how you apply it. Adding mediums can help you transform the pigments of acrylic paints to the next level by altering their drying time, texture, and consistency. To get you started, we have compiled 10 of the most interesting acrylic painting techniques including brushstrokes, mediums, color mixing, paint application ... Read more>>

10 Oil Painting Techniques Everyone Should Know

Posted by Kanika on Jan 06, 2020 05:57:43 pm

Are you an artist eager to try oils? Oil paints can be an amazing medium to work with, offering enough room for experimentation and discovery. It provides you with the flexibility of subtle gradation and blending letting you come up with incredible artwork. Transform your Art using these Essential Oil Painting Techniques However, there are some tips and tricks that you need to be aware of before you start painting with oils: 1. Paint in A Ventilated Space Before you start, it is extremely important to consider the place... Read more>>

Hidden Symbology in Lord Krishna Paintings

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 30, 2019 04:22:43 pm

We people love seeing art. The way hues and colors can produce the feelings and views of an artist, it looks amazing. It is the inner endemic of thoughts and imagination that induces an artist to choose a brush and then begin making something stunning. At present, several types of art are being performed and followed worldwide but my preferred is traditional Indian art. The antique paintings portray the stories of superlative beings, Gods, Goddesses, events from sacred epics, and related subject matters that are pretty attractive i... Read more>>

Mental and health benefits of art

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 26, 2019 11:20:30 am

There are a great deal of misguided judgments gliding around about craftsmanship. Some think you must make works of art or models to be viewed as a genuine craftsman. Others accept that you are either brought into the world with ability — or not. Numerous people who don't believe themselves to be masterful feel that there is no reason for making craftsmanship since they won't be happy with the outcomes. Another fantasy is that you need to work with a craftsmanship advisor to get any helpful profit by doing wo... Read more>>

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