Everything about Indian Oil Paintings

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Sep 20, 2021 06:57:32 pm

What is Oil Painting? Have you ever been mesmerized by the idea of beautiful oil paintings hanging on your white and dull wall? It is a great idea to transform your boring corner into an energetic vibe and Instagram-friendly corner! With us, relive the idea of Indian Oil paintings in your lobby!  Oil paintings, in particular, are defined as art pieces where the painting is done in oil colors. Here, a medium, which consists of pigments, is suspended in dry oil. Some of the majorly used drying oils in the industry are linseed oil... Read more>>

Modern Art Paintings: An Era of the Groundbreaking Genre!

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Sep 10, 2021 02:49:45 pm

Under the genre of Modern art paintings, we celebrate the aesthetic opinions and avant-garde thinking of the artists. While it incorporates the major art movements within the span of almost 100 years, - we have seen an ever-lasting range of styles and modern art budding from its roots. To trace down the evolution of a remarkable era, you must understand and discover the genre that helped to create it. Modern Art and its history While a lot of people get confused between contemporary art and modern art, the latter is the one that... Read more>>

Tanjore Paintings- Art to Cherish a Lifetime

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Sep 08, 2021 02:14:08 pm

What is Tanjore Painting? A traditional Tanjore Art rose from the roots of Southern India. Also called Thanjavur Painting, it is created as a celebration of the rich and artistic traditions and cultures of the region Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Being known for its extravagant depictions of gods and goddesses with the help of vibrant and dark colors. They are also known to use gaudy embellishments like gold foil. While the art form of Tanjore has gone through a vast change since its birth, it continues to be one of the popular kinds... Read more>>

Traditional Art Paintings of India in 2021

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Sep 02, 2021 05:35:14 pm

The diversified borders of India not only mark the onset of a variety of cultures but also their respective traditional art. Despite all the vivid and enchanting crafts available in every corner of the country, each traditional painting works towards depicting the beauty of every culture, custom, ideology, and generation.    While many of the traditional paintings and artworks existed as wall paintings and murals, the rising of urbanization brought the idea of painting on paper canvas, cloth, sand, and whatnot. Such artwo... Read more>>

Landscape Paintings - Choose the Type that Suits your Home!

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Aug 26, 2021 11:42:35 am

Landscape art is often defined as a painting or photograph depicting natural subjects. A landscape painting or drawing is a piece of art that focuses on natural scenery like mountains, woods, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, and so on. This section will help you get started if you want to learn how to paint landscapes. The earth is a magnificent work of art. The world has a lot to offer from arid deserts to lush rainforests, from swollen oceans to gloomy skies. While each artist's style of landscape painting is unique, the genre... Read more>>