Q Registering as an artist. Am I eligible?

Although there is no definitive term for art or artist, we evaluate the eligibility of artists based on their profile, style, technique and school of thought. To gain an idea on the type of artworks and artists we profile, please scan through our artist gallery. We are sure it will be of help to you

Q I am an Indian artist staying and working outside India? Can I sell my works through IAI?

Sure. Indian art Ideas is a platform for showcasing Indian art and artists. Moreover, geography is hardly a concern in today’s digitally connected world. You will however, need to have a valid Indian bank account as all remittances are made in Indian rupees.


Q India is an inspiration for my artworks but I am not an Indian. Can I register?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to have a bank account in India, as all payments will be made in Indian currency

Q What is the minimum and maximum number of artworks I need to upload on the website?

It is advisable to upload a minimum of five artworks for display in your personal page. It helps prospective buyers get an idea of your artistic style and increases your sell quotient. There is, however, no upper limit for the number of artworks to be submitted. It is in your own interest to submit higher numbers as it increases the visibility of your work

Q As an artist, how can I sell my art through IndianArtIdeas?

As an artist, all you need to do is to register on our website by clicking on the "Artist Sign up" link appearing at the top panel of the website. Our art panel will review your application based on your biodata and sample artworks and send you an invite or reject for the forum accordingly. Please keep in mind that we have a highly discerning collector base and the Art Panel's decision is final on this. If you are invited to the Indian Art Ideas forum, you will be given a log in name and password. Using these, you can login to your account and upload the images of your artworks by filling in the requisite details.

Q Who sets the prices of my artworks?

Artists have the liberty to set their prices on Indian Art Ideas. However, they should ensure that they account for our commission and shipping charges to Indian Art Ideas when determining the price. Moreover, there should be uniformity in prices for similar artworks if appearing elsewhere over the internet.

Q How often do I need to check and update my profile?

It is advisable to update your profile frequently and add more artworks to your profile. It increases your visibility and helps digital marketing tools to highlight your profile prominently to prospective buyers

Q Can I upload my artworks at other places also?

We do not restrict you to post your works on other websites. It is, however, advisable to share different sets of works on different websites to avoid any confusion. If you still wish, you can post the same work on multiple websites also but please do ensure a price parity between your artwork so uploaded on different websites. In all cases, please make sure you inform us immediately in case you are able to sell the posted artworks through other sources.

Q What happens once I upload my painting images?

All artworks uploaded on the website show up in the backend office for editing. Once edited they are visible on the website. This may take 12-13 working days in case we have many works waiting for editing at the backend.

Q How do I photograph my artworks?

Your photograph is a representation of your artwork. Think of it as a product demo that you would have received while buying an electronic product. Similar to a product demo, your artwork photographs should provide a realistic feel of your art to get the buyers attention. Photography can be tricky affair, but thanks to technology, clicking a good picture is no longer rocket science.

Here are a few tips that can help you click just the right picture for your artwork:

Choosing the camera: You can either use a professional DSLR (if you possess one) or use a normal point and shoot digital camera to shoot your images. Modern day cellphones can also so the task.

Preparing your artwork: If you are shooting a painting, please stretch it out on a canvas so that the surface looks even throughout. If you are shooting a sculpture then clean the surface before clicking.

Light: Shoot your artwork under ambient lighting conditions, neither too bright nor low. Also, ensure there are no distracting elements in the image.

Editing: Once you have shot your picture, use a generic editing software to brush up your image and crop the corners to provide a sharp image. Do crop the frames, mounts etc., to give a clear painting image.

Q For the artwork images that I click, what technical specifications should I follow for uploading them onto the IAI website? (IAI)

The image resolution should be higher than 1800 x 1800 pixel for a good image quality. In case you need to open your work for open edition prints, a minimum of 200 dpi is needed.

Q What if my artwork images are not being uploaded or encounter any other technical issue while working on the website?

If you face any issues, while uploading your images please check the following :

  • Your image is in one of the following formats : .jpeg,.jpg or .gif
  • The image size does not exceed 1 Mb
  • All other information related to the painting is entered correctly in line with the prompts shown alongside.

Still facing issues? Write to us [email protected]. We assure you of speedy remediation.

Q Once uploaded, where can I see my artworks on the website?

Once approved by our team the artworks posted are visible under various categories:

  • Online Art Gallery
  • "Buy Art" link
  • Under 'Shop Top categories' which classifies uploaded art under categories
  • Freshly posted works can also be seen under the "Recently Added" section.
  • Artists can also see their works on their own subpage/mini website appearing as


Q How do I pack my artwork?

It is important to pack your artwork professionally to ensure that it does not get damaged during transit. There are several standard packing products in the market that can help you pack your artwork so that it remains safe. Some of the commonly used items for packing are PVC tube, Bubble wraps, packing paper, scotch tape, plastic tape, paper shreds, dried grass, wooden box etc., amongst others.

While you use the items mentioned above for packing, it is equally important to follow a careful step-by-step process mentioned below to pack your artwork:

  1. After you have created or printed an artwork, ensure that the colors have completely dried up before you start the packing process
  2. The surface of the artwork should be protected with butter paper so that no harm is caused to the painting surface
  3. Once you have protected your surface, wrap the artwork with bubble wrap paper. Roll it 2-3 times so that there are additional layers of protection. Do not use any printed-paper to create the initial layer of packing.
  4. Thereafter roll the artwork, and insert it into a hard paper tube/PVC tube sealing both the ends carefully. Remember to keep the Authenticity Certificate duly signed in the format provided along with the artwork.
  5. In case you are sending a framed artwork, wrap the entire piece with bubble wrap 3-4 times. Now place the work in a hardboard or wooden box, and provide packing of paper shreds or dried grass to provide cushion. Thereafter seal the box with scotch tape. Depending on the box type, there are can be other provisions for sealing

If you are not confident of packing the artwork yourself, then we suggest you to get in touch with us for desired help.

Q How do I keep a track on sale of my artworks on the website?

Artists are immediately informed about a sale of their artwork on our website through standard means of communication like e-mail and phone calls. You are, therefore, requested to keep your contact information updated in our records at all times. In addition, if you are going out of country on a long vacation, you are requested to provide us with alternate contact details before you leave.

Q What commission does IAI charge?

IAI charges a 30 percent commission on original artworks sold through its website

Q It is long that I posted my artwork but still I have not sold a single work yet.

The online model normally has to be given a gestation period of minimum 6 months. Having said this, we do have cases where the artwork is sold as soon as it is posted and cases where an artwork remains unsold even after 6 months have passed. Going by our experience, normally works of those artists get sold frequently who update their page and profile on regular basis and post a varied and large collection of artworks representing different genres and price points. This helps the buyer identify what he/she desires and buy the same as per his/her liking. Hence, we suggest you edit your listings proactively and refresh your portfolio on regular basis.

Q How will I be paid for my sales?

Payments will be credited to your account within a week of receipt of your artwork shipment by the buyer.

Q Where and how can I update my bank details for payments?

Log into our website with the artist login and password provided to you. Visit your profile page and fill in your bank details. You can also use the same process for updating or changing your banking details.


Q What are prints?

Prints are printed versions of your artworks on paper or canvas. Simply put, they are a photocopied replication of your artwork. At IAI, you can choose to either sell original artwork pieces or their prints. Prints help you in selling the same painting to multiple buyers, increasing the reach and profitability of your artworks.

Q What kind of prints can I sell through IAI?

You can sell only open edition prints through IAI. Open edition prints are printed copies of an original artwork such as a painting, on paper or canvas, and can be re-printed as long as the artist wishes them to be available.

Q Who decides the prices of my artwork prints?

The prices of your prints will be decided by IAI. It is calculated by taking into account the price of the original artwork, size of print, print material amongst others. We handle the whole process of printing, packing and couriering of art prints. Hence, we charge 60% as commission on art prints and the artist gets 40%.

Q Who retains the copyright of my work in case of prints?

The copyright of your artworks – both original and prints will always belong to you. IAI will never infringe upon your rights as the creator. Print copies will be reproduced only after your consent.

Q Who prints my artworks in case of print orders?

For print orders, IAI will manage the entire printing, packing and dispatch process. The costs of shipping to the buyer will however have to be borne by you.