If you are an art collector and wish to re-sell an artwork from your existing collection then Indian Art Ideas is an ideal platform for you to find the right price and right buyer for your artwork. Most art collectors engage in re-selling their artworks for multiple reasons. Whatever be your case, Indian art Ideas can help you achieve your objective

Indian Art Ideas is an online platform and as such has a wider reach, globally. Our database of thousands of art collectors and buyers ensure that your artwork receives the maximum visibility amongst prospective buyers. Unlike a traditional art gallery that would have the patronage of a few clients, an online platform is open to everyone and therefore provides you a much bigger audience, to help you find the right customer. At the Indian Art Ideas website, you can also conduct an individual price comparison analysis of your artwork to fix the right price for the artwork.

Re-selling an artwork is simple. All you need to do is register yourself on the website, click a few pictures of the artwork you wish to sell and upload it on our website. Make sure you possess the Authenticity Certificate/Provenance of the artworks you wish to upload. Upon receiving an order for the artwork kindly pack it as per our specifications and send it to the buyer. We shall transfer your amount less our commission of 10% to you as soon as the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the artwork.

Please refer to collector FAQs in case you have any queries.

If you still have issues please feel free to write to us at [email protected] and we will be more than pleased to assist you further.